Your Top 5 Hiking Essentials

Hiking is a great cardio workout. It helps improve blood sugar levels and blood pressure. It also helps lower the risk of heart disease. Apart from these, hiking also enhances bone density. It provides plenty of physical health benefits, and it is also vital for mental health. It is a way for many to relieve their stress. Hiking can calm your mind and helps you relax while looking at the breathtaking view of your hiking destination.

If you haven’t tried hiking before, you’re probably thinking of what to bring. As a beginner, you should learn how to be a smart hiker and pack for your hiking essentials. You can ask for advice from tactical gear experts for things you might need, to have a successful hiking activity. But we’ve also listed down the top things that you need to bring when going hiking.

1. Let’s talk about the extras

When packing your hiking essentials, you have to think about the things that will enable you to survive for a long time. And this includes extra food, water, and clothes. Make sure that you prepare yourself for the unexpected, and always think of the worst scenarios.

For instance, if an emergency happens and you need to survive the night, you can deal with the situation easily if you are well-prepared. Extra clothes to keep you warm, and food and water to keep you full and hydrated are everything you need.

2. Proper footwear

Since hiking requires a vigorous walk, wearing proper footwear is essential to keep you going. You can always go for athletic shoes or hiking boots to keep you safe on the trail. Wearing appropriate footwear will make you feel comfortable during long walks. You might also want to consider bringing slippers that you could wear when you are taking a rest. This will allow your feet to breathe from a long hike.

3. Sun protection

Ensure that you bring something that will keep you protected since hiking will expose you to the sun. Put sunscreen on before leaving the house, and don’t forget to pack an extra. Aside from sunscreen, sunglasses and sun-protective clothing are things that you should also bring with you.

4. First-aid kit

Accidents are inevitable, and they can happen everywhere, so be sure to carry a first-aid kit with you when going hiking. You can forget your sunscreen, but not your first-aid kit. Some of the basic things you should bring are disinfectants and bandages in case you suffer from cuts and bleeding, insect-repellent, painkillers, antidiarrhea, and antihistamine. Always consider the nature and length of your trip when thinking about what to include in your first-aid kit.

5. Emergency shelter

Whether you’re up for an overnight trip or not, be sure to bring a tent as an emergency shelter. This will keep you safe from unexpected rain or when you feel like you need to rest for a bit. Bring a sleeping bag, as well, so you have something to use when you feel sleepy.

Hiking is a fun activity, and it’s perfect for those who love nature. If you want to give it a try, make sure that you have these hiking essentials with you.