When Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

In a single year, there were 57,287 individual federal criminal cases. However, not every person facing criminal charges thinks about hiring an attorney. Without a lawyer’s help, you could face jail time.

Not sure if it’s time to call a criminal defense attorney? Here are a few signs it’s time to seek legal services.

If these situations sound familiar, don’t wait to call for help. Read on to learn more.

There’s Possible Jail Time

If there’s a chance you’ll face jail time, call an experienced criminal defense lawyer. They can help build your defense by gathering evidence to prove you’re innocent. You could struggle to gather the necessary evidence on your own.

An experienced attorney will have professional connections they can use to build your defense. They might request video footage of the innocent or hire a private investigator.

The evidence they gather can help you fight the charges. You could avoid jail time or get a reduced sentence. In some cases, you might have to complete community service hours instead of facing jail time.

You’re Innocent

If you’re innocent and facing criminal charges, consider hiring a lawyer right away. They can prove your innocence.

Otherwise, you could unintentionally give someone the impression that you’re guilty. The police might use something you say out of context.

Hiring a lawyer will protect your best interests. They’ll fight at your side to prove your innocence. Having them fight on your behalf could give you peace of mind before the case goes to court.

You’re Guilty

If you’re guilty of a crime and facing charges, hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Make sure they have experience handling similar criminal cases. For example, if you’re fighting DUI charges, hire an Alabama DUI defense attorney.

Their specialized experience can help you review every legal option available. They’ll help you make an informed decision.

You’re Called in for Questioning

Don’t speak to the police without an attorney present. Otherwise, you might say or do something that makes you appear guilty.

Remember, the police might use something you say out of context against you. Having a lawyer present will ensure you don’t incriminate yourself. Let them coach you before you speak to the police.

Police Visited Your Home

If the case is still under investigation, request legal services as soon as possible.

For example, the police might visit your work or home to gather evidence. The evidence they gather could make or break your case. Your lawyer will make sure the police follow proper protocols.

If they don’t, your lawyer could get the entire case tossed out.

Call a Criminal Defense Attorney About Your Case Today

Don’t face criminal charges alone. Instead, call an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. They’ll protect your best interests (and your rights) moving forward.

Consider hiring a lawyer for your case today.

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