7 Reasons To Hire A Construction Accident Lawyer

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 150,000 construction sites accident occur every year. Such sites are inundated with potential risks and damages such as falls, slips, hazards of machines and tools, electrocution, etc.

Often parts of the crane break apart and fall on the people standing underneath.

Accidents happening on the construction sites are sometimes a result of the deliberate negligence of the site supervisors or the project owners. They provide feeble and faulty equipment to the workers; often, the scaffolding is not strong enough and harms the workers working at an elevation.

What can you do to hold the culprits responsible? A construction accident lawsuit is what you can file and get justice for your losses. But how will you prove your case against your opponents? You need a construction accident lawyer to help you with the case.

There are several benefits of hiring a construction accident lawyer; read on to learn why.

1. Demand compensation on your behalf

Workers often sustain injuries due to construction site accidents. These injuries bar them from working for a long time or permanently.

The subsequent loss of wages and livelihood can be financially depressing for the workers and their families. And, they need some source to manage the medical cost of the accidents and pay for other financial commitments. This is where you can get help from a personal injury lawyer.

A lawyer can help them get compensation to manage their financial difficulties if it is caused due to the negligence of the employer. So, for instance, if you were a worker working in Knoxville, TN, and got into an accident. You can easily hire a lawyer by going online. Google Knoxville TN attorney and you will find several seasoned lawyers. Choose the one as per your need.

You can use the same method to hire a lawyer if you live in another state. They will help you get your rightful compensation through a construction accident lawsuit.

2. Can implicate all the responsible companies

A construction project is seldom the responsibility of one entity. Apart from the worker’s employers, there is a complex network of other companies and individuals that may have their share in the accident.

A worker on their own cannot hold these third parties responsible for the accident. It could be faulty equipment that broke and caused harm or a scaffolding provider that delivered a defective scaffolding. All these details can make the lawsuit very complex. But for expert lawyers, these difficulties do not cause many problems. They always have a mechanism to follow a chain of events and reach the culprits.

Moreover, they also know how to gather the proper evidence, who to ask, and which sources to employ. Their collected evidence can serve as the backbone of your liability claim.

Often for a lawyer with a robust foundation of construction site regulations and laws, the accumulated evidence becomes a starting point for filing additional lawsuits against the responsible parties.

3. They will help you in filing a lawsuit

Most people are not aware of the legal process of filing a lawsuit. It is considerably more challenging when doing it for the first time.

Having a lawyer on your side can deflate the undue stress about various details and steps of filing a lawsuit. Their experience and knowledge can help you choose the most suitable options and avoid being overwhelmed.

When you discuss with a lawyer, they may even help you reconsider your decision to file a lawsuit. Instead, the lawyer may help you get a better settlement by negotiating with the other party.

4. A lawyer can file the lawsuit on time

Filing a lawsuit must be your priority after receiving an injury. Delaying your lawsuit can make your claim weak. But for an injured worker filing a case becomes impossible due to their injuries or insufficient information about the lawsuit.

A construction accident attorney can help you file the claim on time and receive compensation as soon as possible.

5. Collect all the records

The victims require medical records, witness statements, insurance files, and police report reviews for filing the lawsuit.

Moreover, the plaintiff must also communicate with the employer, personnel from regulatory authorities, and insurance agents. Doing all this within time is often not possible. And, documentation and communication requirements often lead to a delay in the case.

Lawyers often have a stockpile of resources to collect mandatory documents, record witness statements, and even conduct depositions to strengthen their client’s claim.

6. They can help fight a stronger opponent

A construction site worker can be intimidated by their employer or other entities involved in causing them injury.

When big cooperations are involved in a case, they try to silence your voice by intimidation or threat of additional harm. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible to pursue a legal claim. But a lawyer can help fight them too. They know laws that can catch intimidating and unjust parties and make them responsible for their heinous crimes.

7. Lawyers discuss your case without any fee

Most lawyers are aware of the financial dilemma of their clients in times of a loss of a job. Hence, most professional lawyers provide free consultation and discuss your case without charging a penny. This is beneficial for the victims in two ways:

• They can understand if their case details merit going ahead with a full legal application
• Whether they are comfortable with the lawyer and want to work with them throughout the case or not

To make your first meeting worthwhile, you can write down all your queries on paper and take them along when you meet the lawyer.

Ask all the questions and see how the lawyer responds to them. If they seem kind and considerate, and respectful, you might have found the right lawyer for your case. But if you don’t feel comfortable with the lawyer or they display condescending behavior, you better not stay with them.


Working with a lawyer on your construction lawsuit is essential. A lawyer can immensely increase your chances of winning better compensation than what you will get from an insurance company or the negligent party. But make sure to choose a lawyer who understands your concerns and is respectful and thoughtful about your financial predicament.