How To Hire The Best HubSpot Developer

So, you are convinced of the benefits of HubSpot COS and wish to strengthen your inbound marketing strategy with a user-friendly HubSpot website. The next step is hiring the right HubSpot developer for your business.

But unlike other programming languages, the hiring process for a HubSpot developer winds through a unique checklist, which might put you in a quandary.

Therefore, here our guide shines light upon the various aspects to consider when hiring HubSpot developers:

  1. What makes HubSpot developers different from other developers?
  2. Where and how to hire HubSpot developers?
  3. Why should you hire HubSpot certified developers?
  4. Top 5 skills to expect from the best HubSpot developers.
  5. Top interview questions to ask a HubSpot developer.

What Makes HubSpot Developers Different from Other Developers?

Unlike other front-end developers and WordPress developers where most basic skills correlate, HubSpot is a unique system with its programming language – HubL. HubSpot developers need to have substantial experience in using HubL along with the essential staples of web development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Dynamic designs in HubSpot are made using HubDB. An experienced HubSpot developer needs to have a significant amount of experience in using HubDB as well. With this, an expert HubSpot developer can help businesses integrate smart content and smart CTAs into their websites.

Where and How to Hire HubSpot Developers?

There are two of the most prudent ways to hire HubSpot developers: hire developers in-house, or hire a HubSpot certified developer offshore from an Agency.

Hiring HubSpot Developers In-house:

Given that your organization has a great foundation, and you are willing to invest a good deal of time and effort in searching and recruiting a full-time in-house resource, an in-house developer would be the right fit. However, it would be best to prepare for the added costs like office space setup, insurance, paid leaves, taxes, etc.

Hiring an Offshore HubSpot Developer from an Agency

You can hire a HubSpot developer offshore from an agency based on your project requirements and budget. The developer is paid according to the number of productive hours or based on the project scope.

Hiring a team of HubSpot developers offshore for long-term projects help businesses get the best expertise and cut down on the resource cost by up to 50%. The most prudent investment is to hire HubSpot certified developers.

Why Should You Hire HubSpot Certified Developers?

A HubSpot certified developer can help you:

  • Build custom HubSpot templates faster and with ease
  • Enjoy exclusive access to HubSpot resources
  • Resolve development challenges in a jiffy
  • Integrate your website with Analytics for inbound marketing
  • Get a quick start with your projects
  • Implement best HubSpot development practices
  • Integrate your website with other marketing automation platforms

Top 5 Skills to Expect from the Best HubSpot Developers?

Now that you have done your due diligence on where to find the right HubSpot developer, here are some skills that you can expect from an experienced and HubSpot certified developer:

1. Create a Website from Scratch

A competent HubSpot developer will understand your technology stack faster, and he could help build a unique and custom website for your business from scratch. The developer should have great expertise over HubL and should be able to templatize your HubSpot website. Thus, giving you the capability to customize your website pages through an easy drag and drop functionality.

2. Implement Dynamic Designs

An experienced HubSpot developer can help you utilize HubDB, an add-on feature for creating dynamic design modules with database tables. The efficient use of HubDB and Javascript tools allows businesses to develop purely interactive HubSpot websites. These interactive design elements can include filters, interactive button elements, hover animations, etc.

3. Integration Skills

A HubSpot tool alone offers a long list of comprehensive functionalities to boost your inbound marketing efforts. However, there is always scope for integration with various other automation platforms like Salesforce, Unbounce, and CRM, etc.

So, a certified HubSpot developer should be able to make essential integrations to your HubSpot app. Moreover, the first step of integration begins with integrating the HubSpot app with Analytics.

4. Add Smart Content and CTAs

Another trend that has created quite an impact on the web development and marketing sector is smart content. HubSpot being a dynamic marketing tool, can help you leverage the potential of smart content unless your HubSpot developer isn’t familiar with this trend.

Experienced HubSpot developers can help you integrate smart CTAs and content for your website. It will help you offer personalized user experience to the visitors and increase the website’s conversion potential.

5. Custom Template Development

HubSpot is a holistic platform that offers businesses and marketers an extensive list of features. HubSpot development doesn’t comply with the approach of one-size-fits-all. Therefore, the HubSpot developers you hire should be able to custom-built your website according to your business requirements.

Experienced HubSpot developers can help businesses develop custom HubSpot templates from scratch and help them meet their specific business goals. A HubSpot website can also be templatized, which would allow the admin to customize the various web pages on-the-go.

Top Interview Questions to Ask a HubSpot Developer

Below are the set of questions that can help you scrutinize the experience and expertise of a HubSpot developer:

  • What’s your approach when designing a website from scratch?
  • What are the common challenges a developer encounters when migrating a website to HubSpot?
  • What are the top benefits of HubSpot COS that you would recommend to a business?
  • What is your approach to developing a user-friendly HubSpot website?

HubSpot offers businesses a long list of perks right from user-friendly, dynamic websites to seamless inbound marketing features. And the right HubSpot developer can help you get the most out of the platform. So, make a note of all the points discussed above and plan your hiring strategy. A recommended option would be to hire HubSpot developers offshore from an agency.