The 4 Top Reasons to Hire a Live Band to Perform at Your Special Event

When planning, booking, and arranging a special event, be it your wedding, a birthday party, or any other kind of exciting shindig, the benefits of hiring a live band are colossal and plentiful and far outweigh those of hiring a stand-alone DJ.

Here are the top four reasons why you should choose to hire a live band to perform at your special event:

1. The Atmosphere

Live music performed at your special event creates an electric, stunning atmosphere for you and your guests. Bands playing at your event will really get the party started, and the atmosphere the band creates will truly make the day a memorable one. The atmosphere on the dancefloor when a live band is playing is significantly superior to that created by a DJ, who is much more static and predictable.

2. Guest Satisfaction

The contrast between hiring a DJ and hiring a live band in terms of guest satisfaction is enormous. Live bands interact and involve the audience on a much more intimate and deeper level than any DJ ever could, and a top-quality live band, especially at weddings, can really make the evening go with a bang.

Live bands add a great deal more personality and energy to an event than even a professional and experienced DJ could ever hope to provide and are, without question, a great deal more memorable and impactful than a DJ pressing play on their computer.

3. Flexibility

If your event has special, scheduled entertainment or programs throughout the evening, one of the main benefits of deciding on a live band to perform is the complete, unwavering flexibility on time and set length. You can quite literally tailor-make your live band’s set to suit you and your guests, and all this can be pre-arranged and rehearsed.

If the event is a surprise party or even contains surprise elements unknown to one or more of the guests, you can pre-empt the surprise with the band members to ensure the lucky guest is treated to a live and personalized musical serenade.

For extra flexibility, especially during these uncertain times, choose a professional and valued booking system for your live band, such as who offers risk-free bookings with included covid cover.

4. Personalized Music Preferences

One of the absolute beauties of hiring a band for your event is that you can entirely tailor-make the musical experience of the evening. Whether you prefer indie-style music, heavy metal (admittedly a more unusual choice for a wedding), or 90’s pop party hits, the band you choose will set the musical mood for the entire event.

You can also request songs and could even ask, for an extra charge, for the band or some of the members to play your wedding song if the event you are planning allows for it. For the highly organized party and event organizers out there, you could even consider pre-planning your entire musical set.

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