Hiring a Private Security Guard? Tips for Screening Applicants

Employers of private security firms are responsible for safeguarding their clients, sensitive data, people’s lives, money, etc. Thus, recruiting competent and reliable private security guards is vital. Private security recruiters refrain from hiring candidates with criminal and violent records, or those who have committed felonies are fired from previous jobs.

Private Security Drug Testing and thorough background assessment ensure that suitable and honest applicants get hired for the role of private security guards. Recruiting the wrong candidates in the private security guard sector can put the business and everyone at risk, causing costly losses.

Pre-Employment Testing

To ensure safe recruitment, employers might request the shortlisted candidates to undertake a drug test before joining the organization. Pre-employment drug test takes place only after a candidate is selected for the job designation and receives the employment and joining letter. Suppose the candidate fails to pass the drug test.

In that case, the employers have the complete discretion of rejecting their offer letter and hiring another applicant with a similar competency and someone who has passed the drug test successfully. Pre-employment drug testing is widespread in the private security industry and other sectors.

Drug Abuse Symptoms and Suspicions

The role of a private security guard is crucial for the safety of the company and its people involved. Hence, it is always expected that such professional guards are individuals with the best behaviors in the industry without any traces of alcohol and drug abuse. In case an employer suspects or finds any signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug abuse in an employee, the employers have the authority to run Private Security Drug Testing on the suspect.

Furthermore, employers can refrain suspected candidates from working until the drug test order arrives. This helps to preserve the safety and protection of the company and other employees.

Any Workplace Accidents or Events

If an employer suspects any workplace event or accident involving drug consumption or abuse, they might order to run a drug test on alleged employees. During such times, companies must have strict regulations and protocols to conduct the test on a specific employee or multiple candidates working in an office.

Workplace accidents like death, serious injuries, and property damage are grave and must not be ignored. A drug test will determine the use of any unwanted substance and any relevant links to workplace events and accidents.

Random and Periodic Testing

A private security employer may conduct random and unannounced drug testing on selected candidates in a workplace. The company has strict policies when working the Private Security Drug Testing, and the computer system randomly chooses the employees applicable for the test. This prevents any unfair or partial treatment.

On the other hand, some employers favor conducting announced and periodic testing once or twice a year. Periodic or random drug tests are shown depending on the demands and wishes of the employers in the private security guard sector.

Post-Recovery Testing

In case an employee was away from work after testing positive for alcohol abuse and drug use, they need to undertake drug testing again to rejoin the workplace. The employer takes the call when the employer can return to work after drug treatment and the type of tests they require.

Employers can also conduct drug tests on employees who have been away from work or on leave for a long time. This is a way of assuring that the employees rejoining an office have not been on drugs and, thereby a threat to the company and other employees.


Conducting drug tests on employees help private security guard employers with safe hiring decisions. When a personal security guard is intoxicated at a workplace, it can be inconvenient and uncomfortable for other co-workers.

Furthermore, the company might experience a decrease in productivity and also show adverse influences. Pre-drug tests, as well as regular drug tests, ensure there is a safe work culture without any violence or felony. Henceforth, Private Security Drug Testing has recently become popular in the USA. More and more companies are considering employee drug testing and preventing workplace mishaps and accidents related to drug abuse.