The Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator for Your Business

Do you think that an employee is being dishonest? Perhaps your company is being robbed or it’s possible that fake money is being circulated around your employees. It might be due to the fact that you’re unable to keep track of all their movements.

This can come as a huge issue for private businesses; however, because private investigators are able to monitor private affairs, many businesses are hiring private investigators for business purposes.

Hiring private investigators is very advantageous for private companies for a number of reasons. In this blog, we are going to explore a number of these benefits to help you to decide if a private investigator would be right for you.

Ability to find the truth

The best advantage of hiring a private investigator is that they will be able to get down to the truth. If you feel that an employee is stealing or if your business may be involved in fraudulent activity, a private investigator is going to help you find out what exactly is happening.

Through different methods, such as following targets, tracking phone records, investigating banking information and interviewing people who may know about the situation; a private investigator is able to help you find out exactly what’s going on. Because they do not have the same ties with the target that you do (for example working for your company), they are able to get closer than anyone else.

Tactics used by private Investigators

Some of the most common methods used by private investigators are:


Private investigators will often use surveillance to follow targets and find out where they go, who they meet and what they do. This information is then used to help the client in whatever situation they’re facing; whether it’s using the information against them or not.

Computer surveillance

In addition to following targets, private investigators will also investigate a target’s computer usage. This is done through the installation of spyware and other monitoring programs on your computer. The information can then be used against you or for you in a situation depending on what it is that the company wishes to use it for.


If targets are not willing to answer any questions or provide information about certain topics, it is often useful to interview other people who may know something. This includes family members, friends and business associates. If you suspect that an employee has done something wrong, other employees may have seen something.

Why hire them for your company?

We spoke with David Kearns of Expert Investigations, who is an expert in investigating dishonest employees, he said, “employees have access to a ton of important information, how they choose to use that information can be harmful to a business, and it can also be hard to notice. A private investigator can find out exactly what employees are doing with company information, and that can save your business a lot of trouble”.

Therefore, hiring a private investigator can be important if your employees are having unauthorised contact with outside people, if money is being stolen or information is being leaked. Not only can this benefit you in terms of keeping your business safe, but it will also keep staff members honest and ensure that they do not jeopardise the security of your company.