Alternative Holiday Ideas for Your Family

Family holidays should be inspiring, memorable, and enjoyable. This is often the case when you head off on resort holidays, but they can also become mundane after a while. If you feel this way, it might be time to think about alternative holidays for your family that are creative and fun.  

Road Trips 

Whether you have a campervan or not, there’s nothing to stop you from taking your family on a holiday road trip. Some people own a campervan, and it’s a no-brainer, the van is already a home-from-home, but if you don’t have one in your driveway, you can always hire it for a while. 

Family road trips are fun, adventurous, and memorable; they give you the freedom to explore your home country and see it as you’ve never seen it before. Road trips are convenient to organise, flexible, and far more affordable than an overseas holiday which can be stressful.   


On the topic of home holidays, what about a staycation? Staycations became popular during the global pandemic when travel restrictions were in place, and people had very few options. Now the pandemic is over, the concept of a staycation has remained and grown into a viable option. 

Again, staycations are affordable and easy to organise. Whether you enjoy a city break the best or you like to get into the wilds and off the grid, your home country has everything to offer. Why not teach the family about the country’s history, culture, and nature with a fun staycation? 

Holiday Homes 

Whether you want to buy one or rent one, a holiday home is an excellent investment when you have a family. When it comes to family holidays, there are plenty of options, but you can either have different holidays every year, or you can go to the same place and get to know closely. 

For example, holiday homes in Scotland give you and your family a chance to experience the epic Scottish landscape, local folklore, and luxury living conditions on a regular basis. Consider holiday homes in scotland for your family and create plenty of happy long-term memories over the years. 

Mini Cruise 

If you prefer to try different holidays every year with your family, then you should consider a mini-cruise. Unlike a standard cruise that can last for weeks or months, a mini-cruise is typically only around seven days, but this amount of time is perfect when you have a young family. 

Explore some of the far-flung regions around your continent; Scandinavia is a popular one, as is the Mediterranean and the Caribbean; it all depends on where you live and how much time you have. Modern cruise ships are like luxury hotels on the water; they are a relaxing mode of travel.  

Home Holidays 

It’s holiday time, but there’s no need to go anywhere; what’s the pressure? Simply stay at home. If you don’t want to visit the same resort this year and can’t think of an alternative, or if you want to save some money and re-invest it in your home, why not have a home holiday instead? 

You might think a home holiday is a little bit mean, as it deprives your children of the chance to visit new places; that said, a home holiday can be extremely restful and enjoyable, especially when you plan activities in the local area like bike rides, and in the home like cinema nights. 

Adventure Holidays 

If you are an active family, you might enjoy an adventurous holiday. Adventure holidays are fun, active, inspiring, and vibrant; you can visit exotic locations and try activities like snorkelling, kayaking, rafting, hiking, and more. However, adventure holidays are not for the faint-hearted. 

If you want to take your family on an adventure holiday, you need to plan them in advance. Talk to your family about where you would like to visit and what their preferred activities are; you might decide to stay fairly local and tackle some hikes or get on a long-haul flight to Asia.   


Nowadays, people are thinking more about the ethical impacts of travelling. Most people are interested in getting away for a holiday and supporting sustainability efforts, which is why sustainable travel and carbon offsetting have become popular. So too, has travel volunteering

Instead of visiting a local area as a tourist, you can contribute to the local community as a volunteer. Volunteering is an excellent way to gain unique experiences abroad, learn transferable skills, and connect with people who can become lifelong friends for the family.  

Local Towns 

Staycations are an excellent idea, but you need a little more focus sometimes. Some families like to get into nature and take on adventurous activities, while others prefer to visit the towns and villages to soak up the culture and learn about the history. Most places are interesting. 

Heading overseas is fun and adventurous, but when you think about your home country, it has just as much to offer; the only difference is it’s not a new place. That said, you can experience the local towns and villages in new ways if you frame your travels as a local holiday destination.   

Wild Camping 

For families that love nature, one of the best adventure holidays is a wild camping trip. Wild camping is the practice of hiking into the wilderness and setting up a tent anywhere that seems convenient. It gives you the chance to see the local environment like never before and have fun. 

Wild camping won’t suit everyone, but if you’re interested in getting off-grid and teaching your family about the joys of nature and local travel, this is definitely an alternative for the summer holidays. Not only is wild camping an inspirational holiday, but it’s also great for physical health. 

Final Thoughts

If you and your family have become bored with the same old overseas resort holidays, it might be time to put on your thinking hats and search for alternatives; the good news is there are plenty to choose from. It’s hard to imagine not finding a nice idea for your family on this list.