Home Brewed: Equipment Every Coffee-Lover Should Have

Addicted to the good old cup of caffeine? This article is for you. If you are a coffee lover, you definitely must be having a soft spot for your favorite coffee shop. This can, however, change if you learn to make the magic cup at home. 

The sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee can awaken your sleepy soul; and more, you don’t need a whole coffee shop equipment to make this dream a reality. Making a fantastic coffee is an art, and having the right tools is the first step. Take a look at these game-changer tools.

Curious already? The following tools and equipment in your kitchen will take your brewing skills to the next level.

1. Espresso Machine 

If you are an espresso lover, this equipment is your gem. Tracing its origin in Italy, this piece of equipment takes the credit for decades of fine coffee brewing. If you don’t know much about Espresso Machine, the ever popular Nespresso range of machines has stolen the hearts of many espresso lovers.

Apart from making amazing coffee, it is an elegant addition to your kitchen looks. Further, there are a variety of options you can explore to get exactly what you want. Look for reviews and buying guides, and choose one that will take your brewing over the bar.

2. Coffee Grinder

Pre-ground coffee? No, you don’t want your coffee going stale at home. Alternatively, you keep your coffee in bean form until you are ready to brew. Apart from keeping your coffee fresh for longer, this will significantly improve the quality of your coffee.

An electric grinder has a size variance to grind different sizes of coffee beans for finer results. The manual grinder, on the other hand, is cheap, portable, and easier to use. However, grinding takes longer, and the results are partially coarse. 

Burr grinders maintain the production of finer particles to bring out the best possible taste of your coffee. Ensure you weigh your coffee before grinding for more accurate results. 

Capacity is also another thing you cannot overlook. The number of people to be served and frequency of use will determine whether or not you should get a high capacity grinder. 

The ability of your grinder to control speed to reduce the amount of heat it passes to the beans to maintain the flavor is also a vital consideration for the kind of grinder to choose. 

3. Coffee Canisters 

Keeping your coffee in the open air could make it go stale – losing its freshness, taste, and aroma- and so is keeping it in direct contact with heat and light. Keeping your coffee in airtight coffee bags could be a temporary solution for this. 

To maintain aroma, taste, and its freshness longer, get a vacuum-sealed container or a coffee canister. Ensure the canister is opaque to avoid direct contact with light. 

Freezing is not recommended for your beans. Instead, roast them in reasonable batches and store them in a cool, dry place. 

4. Kitchen Scale

Brewing tasty coffee starts with accuracy in measuring the weight of your coffee beans. Because of the variation in bean sizes, we cannot measure bean requirement by teaspoons or water ratio. 

Getting a dependable weighing scale will see you eliminate the problem of inaccuracy and eye balling. Digital kitchen or coffee scales make the process even easier, with such additions as the ability to switch measurement between grams and ounces. 

5. Frother

If you are a cappuccino diehard, forget about the coffee for a second, let the milk get some attention. 

A frother will give you just that fancy foamy layer in your coffee for an extra sensation. After heating your milk, use the frother to whisk the milk until it’s foamy and fluffy.

A frother, such as Zulay Kitchen High Powered Milk Frother, is portable, easy to use and has a low energy consumption, even able to run on batteries. Additionally, you can also use a milk pitcher with measurement to help you determine the amount of milk to add. A stainless steel frother helps keep your milk at the right temperature. 

6. Hot Water Kettle

Just like the coffee measurements, you also need to pay attention to the water temperature. Choose a kettle that is:

  • Electric for easier and faster heating
  • Has a gooseneck for controlled pouring 
  • Varied temperature to easily choose your preferred temperature

Ready To Brew The Magic Cup?

For the diehard coffee lovers, life’s too short for bad coffee. Preparing your coffee at home ensures you get exactly what you desire in terms of taste, type and aroma. Preparing a perfect cup of coffee takes efforts and skills. The above equipment will take your brewing skills a notch higher. So the next time you pass by a store, get yourself one.