10 Pieces Of Home Decor For Every Pet Lover

It’s marvelous how the home decor and accessories of pet parents drastically change once they bring home their furry friend. From a small painting of the pet to bone-shaped pools, there are no limits to ideas that can be used by pet parents.

You, too, sure must have spotted some cool decor designs that you would have wanted to steal once you brought your pooch or kitty home. But, if you are running low on ideas and are yet looking for ways to get that pet-friendly ambiance in your house, here are ten amazing decor ideas you can try as a pet-parent!

1. Pretty Pet Pillows

While we are listing down decor ideas starring your pets, why not include cutesy throw pillows and cushions with the pictures of your pets. You can go for a single pillow placed among the center of others or go with various pillows starring your pet from different angles.

If you have more than a single pet, you can have a set for all of them on fabrics of color that seem to go best with each pet. You could choose pillows styles such as printed covers, line diagram prints, sequin prints, or thread embroidery.

2. Bone Baskets

Bone-shaped anything for pet decor seems to be a very cliche move, but if you seem to have an eye on a cute bone basket, then go for it! All you need to do is get a basket in the shape of a bone, and you are done!

Use this to keep pet toys, spare blankets, or treat bags and declutter your living room from the pet-related fuss. If you have a pet room, your bone basket can be used as a centerpiece for drawing attention. You could even lay some blankets and pillows in this to make a bet for your pet if you don’t own one yet!

3. Pet Shower Curtains

It is not clear why but pets sure do love to follow their parents to the bathroom. If your furry friend is one of this kind, why not give it something to stare at while you use the bathroom.

You can experiment with different fabrics, pictures, and backdrops for the curtains to match the ambiance of your house. You could pick an animated curtain or anything else that calls out to you or mimics the nature of your pet.

4. Canvas Portrait with a Pet Muse

There is nothing cuter, prettier, and more elegant than your pet in this entire world. Canvas portraits are ethereal works of art, and once adorned with the lovely figure of your pet, and you will have an unmatchable decor piece to hang on your wall.

pet portriats

One place to get marvelous pet-portraits containing the beautiful demeanor of your pet is CanvasPop. With hand-stretched canvases, amazing filters, designs, fonts, and styles to choose from, you can customize the pet portraits just as you want and capture the essence of your pet forever. How lovely the picture will look hanging from your walls!

5. Plant Pots

A cute way to display your pet pot is to get customized succulent pots made to resemble your pet. These cute pots will definitely look great perched on a window or even with another decor.
You could even place one of these in your car or office space!

6. Child Art

Children love drawing family pictures, and of course, your pet will be starring in most of them. Taking these paintings or drawings and changing them into a framed photo of the family starring your pet can work as a good piece of decor and appreciation for your kid’s art.

You could frame and display the drawing your child made as it is, make alterations, or get a completely new drawing with the original drawing your child made as inspiration! You can go with a similar them, use the same colors, and mimic the same shapes as the child drew.

7. Paw Decor

All pet parents are deeply in love with their pet’s paws. Who could even resist tickling those soft little feet? One way to include pet home decor in your home is to use lovely claws.

You could take a photo of your hands along with your pet’s paws, get customized plaster statue decor of your hand and a paw, paw imprints on cement, just transfer ink from your pet’s paw to paper and frame it, or use more ideas!

8. Quirky Coasters

All pets have the habit of doing something that completely makes no sense. It could be a sitting pose that looks terrible, a position of sleeping, or anything funny. So, if you are looking for something less artsy and more fun, you should try out quirky coasters made with pictures of your pets in hilarious positions.

Just click a picture when your beloved furry friend is being its silly self and get these pictures printed onto coasters and crack up whenever you see it!

9. Custom Stuffed Animals

If you plan to leave your pet behind with family for a work trip and want a replica of your pet with you, or if your pet simply loves playing with stuffed toys, a custom stuffed animal will definitely double as a good decor piece.

Take it with you whenever you go away from and want to feel the presence of your pet with and at other times let it grace your human living space.

10. Voice Art Decor

You sure must have seen voice notes turned into its digital picture, which upon scanning, plays the exact notes of the original voice note. So, if you are looking for a unique decor piece, just fish out a recording of your pet barking, meowing, or making any sound and get the digital notes converted into wall art.

You can also use this for the voice of a deceased pet and then simply hear them whenever you scan the voice note displayed in your home.


There is an inspiration for art everywhere, but your pet is the best muse you can ever ask for. Try capturing them in all of themselves and then recreate them through art that seems to go with your house. Do use these ideas, and welcome home the post with unique pet decor!