2021 Home Decor Trend Guide

Are you looking to completely transform your home? Are you behind when it comes to picking out 2021’s top trends?

It’s not as complicated as you think to change up your home decor. We’ve got the top tips on 2021 home decor trends to get you started.

Earth Tones For Your Home

Adding the colors of nature to your home’s palette is one of the biggest design trends this year. Warmer color palettes help your home feel calming, even with all the turmoil in the world. Think of autumn tones, like the color of changing leaves.

Warmer shades of brown also add some beautiful layers to your home’s color palette. Burnt sienna, chocolate, coffee, taupe, tan, sepia, and wheat are all shades of brown that you can consider for your redesign.

You can install some true nature in your home when you’re picking earth tones, too. Plants are the perfect addition to anyone’s home in 2021. Make sure that you learn more about outdoor planters from Pots Planters and More.

Neon Signs Are On Trend

Bright neon signs can add a pop of color to any home. You can create word art, or display your favorite poems or quotations. Order custom neon signs if you have a particular shape or image in mind. You can order your custom neon signs from Neon Mama.

You can use smaller neon pieces as accents in your home, or pick out a large statement piece that will draw the eye of anyone that visits your home.

If you’re looking for inspiration, there are tons of different artists whose work you can check out, to figure out what you’re looking for when it comes to neon art for your home.

Add Modern Styles to Your Home

If you think your home is looking too cluttered, why don’t you take a modern approach to redecoration?

Modern styles are particularly useful for multi-use spaces. In today’s day and age, many of us have been stuck in our homes, with multiple people working and doing school in the same room. Clean lines and dark accents allow modern styles to work for many different purposes, from virtual school to Friday night dinners.

You’ll still need plenty of storage with your streamlined look, of course. Make sure that you have plenty of hidden drawers and places to put things in your new furniture, to keep the clutter away and your table space clean.

Since modern designs lend themselves to minimalism, you can also look for things that hide in plain sight.

Grand Millennial Styles Are the Next Big Thing

If you mash up your grandma’s favorite styles with the hip trends of millennials, you get “grand millennial style”. Floral prints are a great way to show your appreciation for grandma’s old school aesthetic.

Think vintages touches, like velvet couches, with the bright and bold colors of the modern-day, like shades of neon and bright purple.

Shabby chic is one great approach to the grand millennial look. You can also try rattan wood elements, for an updated take on your grandma’s wicker furniture.

You’ll want to have plenty of comfortable seating for your new grand millennial style design. This is especially important for functional reasons — if you’re spending more time at home, you’ll want to have more places to lay about.

Have plenty of blankets and pillows scattered around to keep things nice and cozy, just like at your grandmother’s house. Stick with soft, natural fabrics. Jersey, cotton, natural fibers, bamboo — if you’d want to sleep on it, it’s probably a safe bet.

You probably don’t need sleek leather furniture in your home if you’re going for a grand millennial aesthetic, after all.

Mix and Match Your Decor This Year

The matchy-matchy approach is out of style when it comes to design this year. Instead of having matching furniture sets, try picking furniture that complements each other without matching exactly. You can pair wood benches with overstuffed armchairs, for example.

This can also help you integrate different design trends into your home. You can theme each room to suit a different trend, based on what you think suits the room in question. For example, you might want a modern style office but an industrial style bathroom.

To make sure that your design still looks cohesive, there are several approaches you can take. Don’t go overboard with different patterns, which can be distracting and cause headaches if you look at them too long. Stick with a simple, but eye-catching color scheme. Grey and neon yellow, for example, are notable and modern without going overboard.

Basically, if you think your decor goes together, you’re probably on the right track. Just don’t feel beholden to sticking with just one type of wood or one type of seating!

The Industrial Approach Is In

For something complimentary to your neon art, you can buy industrial style furnishing to add a crisp but rustic look to your rooms. This aesthetic favors a generally neutral color palette.

You should incorporate plenty of metallics and metals to add a truly industrial look. Unfinished wood, either incorporated as part of the furniture or used in various accents, can also be a wonderful addition to your new industrial design.

Lighting is a very important part of industrial design approaches. Light fixtures that feature visible lightbulbs can instantly make your design come together.

These 2021 Home Decor Trends Will Start You Off Right

Hopefully, these 2021 home decor trends will give you the inspiration you need to start your new home redesign.

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