Home Office Setup Without the Hassle of Going Out

When Covid-19 struck the planet it’s safe to say we went into a bit of a meltdown. We haven’t seen an illness or plague like this since the bubonic plague way back in the 1350s. Offices shut down, bars and restaurants shut down, even certain areas of hospitals were put on hold. As many had no place to work but a job to still complete, the home office came into force.

But for those without a home office already and the hassle of going out during a worldwide pandemic, how are they going to design and kit out their home office? Easy! Here we look at some tips for your home office to make it an easy process. 

Your Space Matters 

Working from home can be a challenge due to the number of distractions there are in your home. The television, the radio, even the kitchen can be tempting to visit throughout the day as you work through any project or task. This is why it’s so important to choose someplace in your home that’s isolated and free from distraction

If you can, choose somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of home life. If you have children playing games or making noise throughout the day, finding a room away from it all will be beneficial. That being said, not everyone has the luxury of having spare rooms in their house to transform into a home office.

If this is the case, then anywhere that’s usually a little quieter will be the best. If needed, you can explain to your family or friends if you live with them, that you need a bit of quiet during certain periods of the day. Setting expectations and some guidelines will help you be as efficient as possible when working. 

Another good tip is to wear the clothes you would normally when you work. Maybe not an entire suit if that’s the norm, but getting out of your loungewear will help get your brain into work mode and allow you to be more productive. 

Think About The Layout 

The location of your home office matters but so does the layout of it. Think about where you want your desk and what might create the best environment for your particular line of work. When using these helpful tips, it’s easy to see what might be needed to foster creativity.

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your home office so ensuring everything is right for you will not only create a better working environment but also make your day much easier. A normal working day is 8 hours so create a comfortable space to work in that won’t feel like a drag at the end of the day. 

Utilize Online Shopping 

After lockdown, it was impossible to get out to purchase essential supplies for the home office.

Many companies decided to give their employees a budget to help kit out their home working area and online shopping is still going strong so ordering from there will be the best option. There are plenty of outlets to choose from that will accommodate every need which leads us to the next question: What is essential for my home office? 

A Desk 

Working from your bed or the sofa will create the opposite of what a good workday needs. Productivity, efficiency and results. Most people work from a desk so bringing one into the home will make it feel as though you’re at least somewhat ready for work. They’re a brilliant addition to any home office and will be essential if you want to perform well. 

A Comfortable Chair 

Considering you’ll be working for around 8 hours a day, sitting in something comfortable is essential. Grabbing an ergonomic chair will allow you to stay comfortable and focused throughout the day, all whilst supporting your posture and keeping the body in line.

The good news is these aren’t too expensive anymore as the demand has risen dramatically over the last 5-10 years. People are looking at their health far more and staying comfortable will stop you from getting distracted or taking a break every 30 minutes. 

Decent Lighting 

The importance of lighting in the home office is huge. Not being able to see what you’re doing properly is obviously an enormous negative to your working process, but so is having the wrong kind of light.

Sometimes, overhead lights can have a negative impact on how you work as they can cast all sorts of shadows. Investing in some desk lamps or even a better overhead light will make your office feel much nicer to work in. 

Creating a home office space is something that will become more popular as the months go by. Many offices are deciding to close as they have realised people can do their job from the comfort of their own home, and most of the time they have become more productive. Invest wisely and you’ll never have to pay for your commute again.