Tips To Homeschool Your Kids Through Highschool

Homeschooling today is about more than just sitting around your table doing school all day. Today, there are many options to enrich your high schoolers’ curriculum and give them a better experience. Whether it’s co-ops, classes at a local school, or dual enrollment, you will likely review many options for helping your child meet the requirements in your area.

Consider Enrolling Them in College Classes

Your high schooler might be able to take dual credit courses at their local college. They will need to show they are ready for college-level work, and this can come in the form of an SAT score, completed placement exams, or a current transcript.

These courses are sometimes offered at a lower rate or even free, but other times, they may only be offered at full price. However, no matter when your child takes, college classes can be expensive, so it’s a good idea to think about how you will help them pay for their degree. If you own a home, you could consider a home equity line of credit to help cover the cost of their education.

Look to Online Classes

You can enroll your child in some online classes they can complete at home. Your child may be able to take a few classes that you don’t feel up to teaching, or they could take an entire semester of classes online. They can also interact with other students online.

Consider Joining a Co-op

A homeschool co-op allows you to be an aspiring leader and connect with others who are helping their children do high school at home. There are many co-ops, which could include just a couple of families or a large group with regular courses and additional classes.

Some put on a prom each year while others simply have parents share the teaching with each other. Larger groups often have teachers with specialized experience, such as retired doctors teaching science courses. Joining a co-op allows your child to make friends with other homeschools of a similar age and with similar interests.

Group learning is a great way for your kids to learn subjects like public speaking or writing. It also helps your child build memories with others outside their immediate family.

Consider Offerings From Your Local High School

Homeschoolers can benefit from some of the offerings at public schools. You are likely contributing to the local school system through your tax dollars, even if your child doesn’t go there themselves, so you can still take advantage of it. They often have better equipment than even a co-op, so if your child is interested in a certain field, such as medicine, they might benefit from the labs there.

Your child might be able to take Advanced Placement courses there as well. These courses offer your child a chance to earn college credits in high school as a way to get ahead. If they pass the AP exam after taking the class, they won’t need to take that class when they are in college. This can help your student focus on the area they want to study once they are in college.