Things To Check When Exploring The Best Hospital Bed Rental Near Your Place

You are recovering from a wound, or you are getting old, you may find it challenging to use a regular bed. Here, you can search “hospital bed rental near me” on Google for utmost comfort and safety.

But hospital bed selection is a crucial decision to make, depending on your needs. There are different types, with additions to the basic structure like extra panels, with or without wheels, etc. The following points will help you to choose the best hospital bed rental near your place.

Control Mechanisms

Most of the contemporary hospital beds are electric beds. You can control these beds by a remote with different buttons to raise and lower its head and foot. You can also use the controls to change the level of the entire bed. It can assist patients or caregivers who may require help getting the patient into an upright posture.

You can go for Gatch beds, which are the old-school type of electric beds. These beds have the ease of hand cranks for you to control everything. The hand cranks are fixed at the foot of your bed, and you can even drop them under the bed frame when you are not using them to avoid any banged shins.

However, Gatch beds need a caretaker who can bend down to use the cranks and as the patient; you will have no control over your bed position. If you don’t elevate and lower the bed; or change positions frequently, go for this bed.

The Design of the Bed

The design of hospital beds is such that they can only fit one person comfortably. Most of the hospital beds are 35 inches in width and 80 inches in height. It is nearly the size of a Twin XL mattress (that you may find in a college dorm).

Though the broader and longer hospital bed for home use versions are available to accommodate taller and larger patients, the standard hospital bed mattress is generally around a twin size.

Additionally, since many patients who use a hospital bed can have a fall risk, the mattress’s height is also on the tinier side—nearly 6 inches versus the 9 or 10 that you find with a traditional mattress.

Are There Proper Side Rails?

Bed rails are the right solution to stop you from falling out of bed. It also supports as you move in and out of bed. Additionally, bed rails offer you (the patient) your caregivers a vital source of stability as they move through transfers on and off the hospital bed’s surface.

When looking for the side rails, remember that these rails can extend down the hospital bed’s full length or be available in half-length for less coverage.

Bed Scales

Different hospital beds are available with or have the option to add a built-in bed scale. This scale allows you (the patient) within to weigh without any need to transfer you. Bed scale will help you, mainly if you need to check your weight regularly because of your medical reasons.

Weight Capacity

The hospital bed weight capacity is very crucial. It is because it determines whether or not the bed can support you safely. Review the exact weight capacity of any hospital bed before you start searching for a hospital bed rental nearby.

Additionally, don’t forget to consider the additional weight of pillows, bedding, meal trays, and other items. Most of the hospital beds are designed to accommodate the average person. In case the patient (you) is very overweight or healthy, you may wish to look into a Bariatric bed.

Gap Protection

If you are prone to seizures or nocturnal movements, the feature of gap protection is a significant safety concern. Different hospital beds with sides or railings are designed explicitly with gap protection.

If you add the gap protection to a hospital bed, you will have no risk of stuck between the sides and bed.


The height of the hospital bed is all about the distance between the bed frame and the ground. Hospital beds allow you for height adjustments, to enable easier access and outlet for you. Even the caregiver can give better caregiving with it.

However, if you will get yourself into and out of bed, often, a low hospital bed can be a better option. Otherwise, you should ensure the height range of your hospital bed offers you a good compromise where you can get into and out of bed safely.

To sum up, searching for a hospital bed rental nearby is a big step for both the user and the caregiver. You will spend much of your time in bed, so make sure your bed offers you the best possible comfort and support.