How Has Mobile Gaming Developed Over The Years?

Introduction: History of Mobile Gaming

In 1994 the first mobile game was introduced. The popular arcade game Tetris was pre-installed on a device, marking the beginning of a successful industry. Mobile gaming accounted for more than 50 percent of video gaming revenue worldwide, and mobile gaming has truly developed rapidly over the last 20 plus years.

Evolving Entertainment for the Future

During the years of first launching mobile gaming, users worldwide have had fun entertainment at their fingertips. Since then, it has evolved from the likes of Candy Crush through Fortnite to online casino bonus slots where you can even claim great casino bonuses and rewards through online casinos.

You can even claim bonuses and rewards through online casinos—all within the touch of your fingertips. Having over 900,000 games at your fingertips in the various App Stores is certainly a huge jump in the evolution process. When the snake game was launched, it burst globally with its popularity.

It was enjoyed for its simplicity, and because it had no age limit, anyone could play and enjoy the unique experience. Soon Mobile games began to commercialize after the launch of the I-mode platform in Japan. Soon downloadable mobile games become available worldwide and on different devices.

App Stores

When the first iPhone launched, it changed the mobile phone industry for the better. You could say that the evolution of phones and smartphone games go alongside one another. The new technologically advanced hardware and software offered a sturdy foundation for developers to create more detailed and progressive games.

In turn, the app store also helped mobile game developers earn and learn more from their work as they interacted with users. When android smartphones and app stores launched and more people had access to better games, casual mobile gaming became the chosen form of boredom filler and an entertainment medium.

Mobile Gaming and Advertising

Advertisers flock more and more towards the mobile gaming industry, especially regarding its free games as the opportunity to easily reach millions of users grows more and more. The high demand for free mobile games today has given app developers a way to connect with each other to advertise their games through different games. One of the most popular methods is in-game ads such as videos linked to in-game rewards after watching and quickly becoming the norm.

The game provides advertisers with a recipe for success as it uses the gamers’ need to promptly acquire items through watching adverts rather than wait to receive them later on.

The Future of Mobile Gaming

It’s hard to believe that the possibility of mobile gaming becoming the future of the gaming industry will likely be a reality very soon. The mobile gaming market comprised 52 per cent of the industry while consoles had 28 per cent of the market, PCs only covered 20 per cent. Between console gaming and mobile gaming, they do overlap in many areas; however, they still serve very different markets.

Dedicated console gamers will often argue that a phone lacks the superior technology that comes with console games. Casual gamers will counter-argue that smartphones have better technologies such as gyroscope-aided games and location-based games that consoles cannot mimic. In fact, the CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, In the next generation onwards, cloud gaming on remote devices like tablets and smartphones will soon replace console gaming.

Gamers won’t stop using consoles altogether any time soon. Although the mobile gaming industry has taken leaps in the last few years, we are far from that scenario. The facts are that the average millennial is largely dependent on smartphones for entertainment purposes.

Products like Android Wear and smartwatches show great promise in enhancing the experiences in the mobile gaming industry as they show the capabilities of what the future may hold.

Online Casinos Revolution

It would only be in 1998 that the online gambling industry started to grow very popular. During this time, game developers across the globe were releasing new online gambling content to stay ahead of their competitors. Over the last few years, the evolution of online casinos has been incredible, with online casinos providing the best gaming experience without having to be in front of a real slot machine.

Upon releasing the iPhone and the App Stores, no one looked back as the way forward was mobile casino games apps. During the first year of the App Store’s release, one of the most downloaded iPhone apps was Texas Hold’em.

Casino apps took to the new mobile environment more naturally than computers or laptop versions ever did. Slots, poker, sportsbooks, anything users wanted to play or bet on could now be carried in your pocket and was easily accessible. It caught traction with ease and changed the way users would gamble and see mobile gaming forever.


Mobile game development is expected to rise. Especially with computer and PlayStation game adaptations being brought on to app stores and rising to popularity. One can only hope that mobile game developers take the time to research the future marketing strategies and approaches that will make their games boom with the ever-growing competitive wave of the gaming industry.

Who knows? Perhaps the future will be that we’ll be able to attach a VR set to our mobile phones and fully connect to a virtual world.