How Much Can You Expect To Pay For Professional 3D Rendering Services?

Bringing the idea and project to life in virtual reality either as a part of a marketing plan or in the early project development stage is a hard task. It could be challenging to navigate the market when you are in search of an experienced and trustworthy digital 3D visualization company. Without understanding the value and price-building process, one can risk losing the quality of the final project.

Commercial and residential visualization would vary in price based on the size of a project and the type of rendering. Virtual reality tours are getting popular in many industries and businesses, not only in the real-estate. Car or yacht 3d rendering services can help you immerse the viewer not only on the yacht but in the lifestyle. Digital artists do a great job painting the architectural scene to promote the project in the most realistic way.

When it comes to 3D visualization art, choosing a professional team is crucial. Really talented and skilled artists can make your business and product stand out with digital 3D modeling. With the price guide, you’ll gain more understanding of the cost-planning and types of rendering services one can get from a digital agency.

What influences the price for 3D rendering?

As already mentioned, several factors will influence the final cost of the architectural visualization project. Each project is unique, so the price usually varies depending on the special clients’ requests.

The factors that can influence the price are:

  • The level of project complexity (amount of details you need to represent the idea, how many rooms/ scenes you need to feature in the video, etc.);
  • Type of 3D rendering service;
  • The industry where the video would be distributed (some marketing videos require a more elevated design to fit in with the branding campaign);
  • Number of views;
  • The time frame;
  • The type of product you expect to get from the agency ( 3D animation, images, Virtual tour guide, etc.);
  • The purpose of the 3D visualization.

Considering all of the factors, make sure to get in touch and speak with the representative of the digital rendering company to finalize the price quote. Make sure you have a final vision, blueprints, and sketches to get a faster estimate on your case. Some projects require a specific set of skills to be able to reach desirable final results, which will impact the price.

Most common types of the 3D rendering services:

3D floor plan

Floor planning is one of the most affordable visualization services. The price might vary on what type of digital product one needs, such as animation, images, or a virtual tour. Floor plan 3D renderings could be black and white room planning or detailed design with furniture. The more detailed visualizations you need will affect the price.

Interior 3D visualization

Rendering companies offer commercial 3D visualization to promote new apartment buildings or hotel complexes as well as private design plans for your own estate. Such work requires a more detailed design as the artist needs to show the ambiance of the space. Depending on the complexity of a project, interior 3D visualization takes longer and is usually more expensive. Some projects require creating lighting and ventilation effects for the right proportions using 3D rendering software.

Exterior rendering

Commercial exterior architectural 3D visualizations are, on average, quite expensive. If the client wants to create a fully immersive experience, exterior VR tours can get quite complex. From designing the building and gardens to creating a real-life atmosphere by adding people, animals, cars, and other infrastructure. On the other hand, exterior visualization could be performed in the form of images or short animations showing only the building itself.

Yachts or cars 3D visualization

3D rendering projects could be done not only for buildings but for vehicles too. Whether it’s a commercial for a new brand or an advertisement for resort activities, a 3D visualization can paint an attractive picture, setting the atmosphere. According to your needs and purpose of the 3D rendering, you can request a VR tour of a yacht, an exterior animation, or just images of the design inside.

Price guide for navigating in 3D rendering services and architectural visualization

No matter the type of 3D rendering services, each project has a different level of complexity. There are plenty of details and nuances you can request that might be completely game-changing for the final result.

On average, the 3D floor plan would cost you around $200 per floor. 3D interior visualization ranges in price between $250-350, and exterior 3D rendering costs around $350. Time frames, on average, are 3-5 working days per project. The 3D animations, on average, will cost you around $2500 per minute of a video when the VR tours are measured by $1 for one square foot.

No matter the average price ranges for 3D rendering services, keep in mind that each project has a whole list of precise requirements.

If you’re in doubt about what format of visualization would be more beneficial to your business or have a strict budget, make sure to consult a professional rendering architect.

Wrapping it up, it is worth noticing how diverse 3D rendering services could be in our digital reality. Technology and software are constantly developing and improving. Such progress allows artists and designers to create outstanding visualization for any kind of business and create a whole new virtual reality.

No matter how grand your project is, there is always a talented artist that can impress you with architectural visualization projects. 3D visualizations and VR tours proved to be superb marketing instruments and great for corporate use in the project development stage. Therefore, stop thinking if you need 3D rendering services and contact the digital visualization agency to help bring the business to a new level.