How HR Tech Simplifies The Remote Working Model During The Pandemic

As we see, technology changes everything within the organization. It reduces the workload of the workers and employers. Accurate automation overcomes the stress of manual methods. It allows employers to secure everything in a single database or one central system. It guaranteed the safety of documents. The cloud-based database keeps the data file until the manager deletes it from the computer or laptop.

It also helps the human resource department to handle the workforce. It is impossible to maintain the workflow during the pandemic called COVID-19. But the human resource technology changes that impossible into the possible. It helps the manager to keep the remote workforce effectively.

What Is A Remote Working Model?

Remote working does not mean only work from home. It also includes the employees who perform their job from the field—for example, the marketing team or a person who is on a business trip.

In short, the remote working model means the workforce who are doing their duty in extreme places or not in working premises. It is hard to handle the employees who are not working in the working place earlier. But the impact of technology on the business changes everything, especially the HR technology, overcomes the frustration of maintaining remote employees.

If you think that work from home decreases the productivity of the employees, then you are wrong, my friend!. It increases the performance of the workforce. The below-mentioned chart shows the same.

working from home

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The image proves that the work from home model improves the productivity of the employees. Because of the comfy working environment, flexibility, fear of superior, more use of technology, etc., that enhance the performance of the workforce and profitability of the employees. Following are the detailed impact of HR technology in the remote working model.

What Is The Importance Of HR Tech In A Remote Working Model?

Technology overcomes paperwork from professional life. Suppose we talk about the functions of HRD. Earlier, the employer must keep everything on paper from the employee to maintain them into working premises, which is time-consuming, costly, yet inaccurate.

Sometimes it may be the reason for the stress of the whole department. But technology allows them to work smartly, not shabbily. According to factoHR, 83% of the workers say their productivity does not confine to the office place only. Following are the detailed notes on the functions of the remote working model and how technology soothes those operations effectively.


It is hard to track the attendance of the remote working peoples. Earlier, the employees who are on the field used to make phone calls for attendance.

But we all know that is not that reliable. Nowadays, technology simplifies the matter of accurate attendance. It allows employees to log in with their phone, computer, and laptop, and with the help of geo-tracking and IP address, it marks the attendance of that employee automatically.

Reporting And Meeting

An online application like google meeting, skype, slack, etc., helps employers assign tasks to the employees daily. The workforce also reports their work through the same application. It is also used for doing online discussions or taking an online meeting. Keeping continuously in touch with the remote workers is essential for both the employees and for the employees.

Real-time Working Hours

It tracks real-time working hours. Through IP address, the employers keep every click on the computer or laptop for calculating the salary. It also reduces the scrimshanker of the workforce. It also improves the productivity of the employees.

Realistic Deadline

It allows employers to calculate the realistic date of the submission. Providing sufficient time to employees for completing a particular project is essential. Otherwise, they did multitasking, and both try to complete both the work parallelly. But to avoid this bad habit, the manager should give a sufficient deadline for submitting the task.

Performance Management

With the help of technological enhancement, the employer can analyze the job of the remote employees. Through KPI (Key Performance Indicators), they can compare the past and the current performance and find out the lacking points. They can get detailed insights into the performance of the employees and arrange an online training session according to the needs of the employees.

Salary Payment Process

The accurate and timely salary calculation process is also important. If we talk about the pandemic COVID-19 when each person is suffering from the financial crisis, at that time, delay in the salary calculation process demotivates employees, and sometimes they leave the job without prior notice. Also, the employers must not cut the unnecessary payment of the employees.

See, it is unnecessary to provide the extra money paid to them, but it is compulsory to give them the amount you promised at the time of hiring. At the time of the pandemic cutting the cost may be the cause of the frustration of the employees, which affects their productivity and the profitability of the employees.

Awards & Rewards

It is essential to give appreciation to the employees also in the work from home model. If the employers provide some benefits in monetary or non-monetary terms, they feel motivated and work accurately. And award as a most regular remote employee, faster task completing remote employee, an employee of the month, etc., boost the productivity of the employees.

Giving them promotion is unnecessary, but at least do not provide them with demotion for small mistakes mainly due to the pandemic called COVID-19. It may decrease the confidence of the employee, and he/she may leave the job but not accept the demotion.

Relaxation Time

Relaxation time in a tight working schedule refreshes the employee and increases the focus level of the employee. The employee can give the relaxation time on Saturday.

For example, if the working time is morning nine to evening six then on alternate Saturday or month’s first and last Saturday they allow the employee to play a game or watch a movie or group discussion in the second half. It may help to build good relations with the employees. It also increases the productivity of the workers.

Flexible Working Time

It is essential while implementing the work from home model. Giving them flexible working hours does not mean that it allows them to do anything during the working hours. But as for example, the operating hours of the company are eight hours then do not force them to complete their working hour from early morning itself.

But give them enough flexibility to complete their eight hours whenever they really want to work. It is clear that they don’t have the mood to do the work; they give their hundred percent to the job. But if the employer provides them the flexibility, they can complete their work more accurately.

Conflict Resolving

While implementing remote working during the pandemic called COVID-19, the employer must resolve the conflict on time. They may have an issue with technical errors, working hours, workload, reporting system, etc., that affects the productivity of the employees. The manager must have to solve their query as fast as possible.


The above-mentioned are the functions of the human resource department; they can handle it effectively with the help of human resource technology. Thus, we can say that the HR tech is beneficial for regular working days and during the pandemic time. And it is useful for both the employees and the employers.