5 Hurdles To Overcome When Selling A House

Selling your house is one of the most important decisions you can make. You may find yourself in this particular circumstance, where you’ll have to let go of a place you’ve called home for some time. However, letting go isn’t the only challenge that you’ll encounter when selling your house. The whole process of selling your house can be marred by hurdles that could drag the process for months.

Finding a suitable buyer who will give you a good value for your house is a big challenge. If you’re lucky, you can sell your house to companies like Gem State Cash Offer and many others, which helps to avoid the hassle of finding a buyer or paying crazy agent fees. However, while there could be hurdles, they shouldn’t discourage you from selling your house as there’s always a way around it.

Here’s a list of some of the challenges you’ll encounter when selling a house:

1. Choosing A Real Estate Agent

With an ever-growing real estate market comes many realtors and agencies, each claiming to be the best in the business. This could be confusing for homeowners because they won’t know the way to pick the right realtor from the pile of hundreds of them. A good realtor will help you to sell your house fast and at a good price. However, if your realtor is unreliable, the sale will drag for a long time.

The best way to get a realtor is to review their profile and asking for referrals from friends, family, social media, or other homeowners. They’ll refer you to realtors they’ve worked with, and this will help narrow down your search. With a good realtor, all the other steps will flow smoothly.

2. Preparing The House for Sale

Before you decide to list your house for sale, there are some preparations that you’ll need to take care of. These preparations include some renovations and minor repairs like in the kitchen, ceiling, or bathroom. The major challenge occurs in what type of preparation you should do. For example, you may spend too much money remodeling the kitchen, and yet it wouldn’t increase the worth of the house significantly.

To avoid too many expenses on preparing the house for sale, you can ask a realtor about the changes to make in the house. This is because the renovations and remodeling that you may want to do may not reflect the actual value of the house but only your preference and style. The realtor will help you stage the house to sellers for you to get the best price.

3. Setting The Price

Setting and negotiating for a house price is usually a complicated task, especially if you’re not familiar with the overall market value of houses around your region. You may underprice the house and get less than what you deserve, or you’ll overprice the house and fail to get suitable buyers. Moreover, if your home stays on a listing site for a long time, buyers may assume there’s a problem with it and avoid it even more.

A correctly priced house shouldn’t have a problem getting a buyer. A good realtor will help you price your house depending on the real estate market. Because you might not know how the market is, it’s good if you use professionals.

4. Passing Inspections

When a buyer is interested in your home, they’ll ask to inspect the house to see if it suits their desire. Regular house inspections such as pest inspections shouldn’t be a problem because you’ll have prepared your house for inspection. The main challenge arises when buyers prefer a particular feature in the interior design, the cabling, and many other minor details.

Conducting a pre-listing inspection will help you correct the things that may alarm buyers. It’s also vital that when you’re preparing your home for sale, not overdo the remodeling as this might affect chances of passing the inspection.

hurdles when selling house

5. Dealing With Emotions

Dealing with your emotions is another challenge that you may face when selling your house. For a long time, the house was your home, and you’ve gotten attached to it. Therefore, it would be hard to sell your home and moving to a new place. Moreover, your emotions may cloud how you price your home affecting how fast you’ll get a buyer.

Therefore, when selling your house, you have to detach your emotions from it and treat it like a business transaction. Regardless of the emotional value that the house has for you, buyers won’t be interested in it. Therefore, you should accept that it’s time to move on and start your life somewhere else.


Selling a house in itself is a challenge if you won’t manage to get the process right from looking for a reliable realtor, detaching your emotions from the house, and passing the inspection. When you manage to pass through these hurdles, you can quickly sell your house.

The good news is that each of these hurdles has a solution. As discussed, a realtor will help you with almost everything. You can handle the rest, and in the end, the challenges shouldn’t stop you.