15 Hygiene Habits (Of Women) Men Care About the Most

Healthy hygiene is expected from everyone, yet it’s not really a topic of discussion. With that in mind, there is obviously more to it than simply washing your body with soap and putting shampoo in your hair.

As women, we often think men don’t care or pay much attention to our hygiene. We are wrong: men do notice and care about our hygiene habits.

So now is the time to improve your approach to personal cleanliness. Read on to learn about hygiene habits you need to include in your pamper routine!

Hygiene Habits: The Trick Behind Natural Beauty

We often view Instagram models and wonder how they look so amazing all the time. Well, some of it is makeup. Some of it is photo editing skills. But for the most part, the reason behind them looking so beautiful is clear and healthy skin.

Good hygiene habits don’t just make you look pretty. These habits also have positive effects on your health and confidence. Looking beautiful has proven to boost confidence in both men and women.

15 hygiene habits for you

Everyone is busy these days and we barely get time to even wash our hair properly. It’s natural to get scared when extra measures to keep yourself beautiful are mentioned.

However, don’t worry: we have the simplest hygiene activities that can be squeezed into your routine without a problem!

1. Care for your smell

Every person in this universe has a natural scent of their own. Women often use perfume that overpowers this scent.

If you use organic hygiene products and keep yourself clean, your natural scent will get a chance to express itself, and you will enjoy not having to wear perfume all day!

Ultimately, using perfume is sometimes a necessity. For example, if you have to work all day, wearing perfume will help to keep you smelling nice throughout.
Some of the most amazing women’s perfumes are found in the gift section of a department store, or you can read about them on gift-related blogs.

2. Eating habits

Some foods just make you smell bad and, well, contribute to flatulence. The latter can be problematic, as you certainly don’t want to fart during a date!

Men will also notice how you eat and what you order. It’s cute when girls just gorge on a load of food in movies. But in real life, you have to care about your health, and this starts with food consumption.

Avoid eating garlic or spicy food before you go out, and also don’t snack at night. This will become a habit if you pursue it. In an ideal world, find some food options which are both healthy and something you enjoy eating.

3. Wash your hair!

Men totally notice if your hair is greasy. Imagine the horrible scenario where a man runs his hands through your hair softly, and it’s all greasy!

Remember: a dry shampoo does NOT clean your hair; use it only when facing an emergency.

Washing your hair will also make you feel cleaner. Try to wash it thoroughly three times every week. Washing it before going to sleep will also give you beautiful natural curls.

4. Care for your nails

You don’t have to go for a pedicure or manicure to care for your nails. Just wash them thoroughly after you eat and cut them each week. That should suffice.

5. Acne and Pimples

Many women suffer from excessive pimple and acne problems due to hormonal reasons. Cleanliness habits also contribute to this issue. Try to keep your face as clean as possible, washing it every morning and night.

If you do have pimples, try getting treatment. This is not only for men, by the way. Your face is noticed by everyone. A clean, smooth face should be the aim.

6. Respecting shared space

We have all heard the story about a guy finding a clump of his girlfriend’s hair in the shower. Well, the story might sound funny at times, but it’s actually really gross.

Respect all shared spaces and clean the bathroom after you have used it.

7. Makeup Utensils: keep them clean

You would be grossed out if you see shaving cream left in the sink, right? Well, the same goes for men. Whether he is visiting your place or you are visiting his, clean and organize the utensils you use.

8. Strong perfume

Nobody, whether it’s a man or woman, likes an intense scent that generates headaches. It is also bad for your health.

Always pick a perfume that’s suited to your body. And when you do use it, spray a little bit on your wrists and neck.

Don’t go overboard and create a pungent scent cloud around you! You will get a headache, and so will your man.

9. Clothing

Some of us are too busy to buy new clothes regularly. But make sure that your clothes are actually clean. Spraying perfume over dirty, smelly clothes does more harm than good. It also damages the fabric of your clothing.

10. Clean purse

At some point, you man will peek into your purse. It’s inevitable. As a result, keeping it clean creates a good impression. Don’t leave any leftover snack packets in your purse, and give it a wash every three months or so.

11. Mouth hygiene

Clean teeth and fresh breath are as important, if not more so than any of the aforementioned points. Both are a big no-no for women and men. Stay hydrated and brush your teeth twice every day.

12. Cleaning: do your part

If you are sharing a place with your man, don’t depend on him to take care of everything. Keep the place clean and do your own dishes. An independent woman is the most attractive of all.

13. Hand and feet care

Wearing closed/pump shoes will definitely make your feet smell if you don’t take precautionary measures. Always make sure to wash your feet after you’ve come home. Also, have a manicure-pedicure once a week.

14. Mental Hygiene

There are women who can be really toxic without realizing how they actually sound. Having a clean mentality and happy mind is essential for a good life with your significant other. Try meditation, yoga, and exercise to keep away from toxic thoughts.

15. The simple things

For this last point, we are mentioning the simple gestures of eating, walking, and talking. Many of us splatter food around and cook while licking our fingers.

Sometimes we communicate with vulgar language. Well, these are habits that need to be changed. Work on yourself to become more put-together, clean and sophisticated overall.

Final Thoughts

Hygiene is not just about being clean. It’s everything you do and how you do it. Whether your man notices these habits or not, change them for yourself. At the end of the day, you are what matters.

Author Bio: Angie Grey, an expert author from Faveable.com brings you all you need to know about fashion and grooming. She loves the outdoors and travels the world like a nomad.