Reasons for IG Content Download and Instagram Story Downloader Tools

The need to download Instagram stories appeared almost immediately after the appearance of this functionality. It is an open secret that photos and short videos published in Insta stories are automatically deleted a day after their publication, without the possibility of recovery (if you don’t worry about it in advance.)

You can’t save a story you like, or send it to your DM to see later. Moreover, Instagram doesn’t allow you to directly download it to your device.

In this article, I’ll tell you why you should download IG stories and how to download private Instagram stories to your phone or PC using various methods.

P.S.: The most loved one for me is Instagram story downloader. Read on to learn more.

Why do you need to save other people’s Insta stories?

Anyway, there are a lot of reasons to create and download Insta stories. Especially avid Instagrammers get the gist.

Let’s agree that from time to time, when you are looking through the Instagram stories feed, you come across the idea of cool photos or videos that you would like to repeat? 

Yeah, that’s it!

Therefore, I’ve prepared for you the basic reasons why you need to download the IG stories you like on right away.

• Create a source of inspiration

There are times when we don’t have creative ideas temporarily (they also need a weekend). But your Instagram audience doesn’t like to wait, and they don’t care about your problems. They just want content right now!

In this case, you can always use a prepared folder with cool ideas for new photos and videos for Insta stories. 

Note: You can even come up with a creative name for this folder, for example, “IG ambulance”. Sounds like fun, I guess.

• Save cool memories from holidays or events

Ah, parties! How many photos, videos, and other Insta content do they really produce? All the most interesting things are usually published in IG stories, which are still deleted after 24 hours. But if some publications are especially important, you can simply download the stories of your friends and family forever on your device.

Then, on cold winter evenings or warm rainy days, you will have something to remind. After all, cool memories warm much better than mulled wine.

• Have “juicy details” on hand

I hope that you will not have many cases in your life when you need to collect some juicy details on any of your friends. Nevertheless, it is a useful thing. After all, you never know who will turn out to be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Note: Especially this point concerns your boyfriend. Naturally, he is unlikely to publish compromising pictures and videos in his stories. But what about his friends? Few people will think of hiding them from outsiders. So, think about it.

How to download Instagram stories?

Well, now, let’s move on to the most interesting thing, namely how to download Instagram stories. In fact, there are even several ways here, and you have several to choose from.

Method #1: Use Instagram story downloader

One of the easiest, fastest, and of course, free ways is the Instagram stories downloader tool. That’s the way when you don’t want to bother installing some extensions, special programs, or apps and spend a lot of time figuring out how they really work.

You can choose from these services:

  • Bigbangram
  • Inflact
  • Toolzu

In this case, all you need is to use the “Copy&Paste” principle and add a person’s account link or nickname with “@” to the search bar directly on the service. Then, just 30 seconds of waiting and online service will allow you to download active Instagram stories and all user’s highlights.

Note: All stories will be in good quality and full-size. No editing or re-downloading. Everything works well the first time.

Method #2: Take a screenshot

The method is not the best one, but it is definitely the fastest. It works with lightning speed, according to the principle of “saw saved”. Well, or in our case, “saw made a screen”.

However, it is worth understanding how much more work needs to be done to bring this screen into the desired form. Firstly, it is a good photo editor, free time, and patience. 

Besides, you are unlikely to be able to take a screenshot of the video. To do this, you need to enable screen recording. But, there is even more work with such a video.

Method #3: Install a special extension

If you are a fan of complicating everything in the world, then this option is exactly for you. After all, you need to download a special browser extension that allows downloading IG stories.

For instance, you can use the Story Saver extension. This is a fairly simple application with a user-friendly interface that will not take you much time to get acquainted with. 

Conclusion: Instagram story downloader — what you need

Of course, you can find lots of ways to download and save IG stories on the Internet. But believe my experience and the time spent: almost all methods is a trifle. So the only correct option is to use online services for downloading Instagram stories without third parties, registrations, and other apps.