7 Ways You Can Implement AI Into Your Content Marketing

In many ways, leveraging artificial intelligence’s power can help businesses and content creators become more efficient in their strategies. While AIs still need to sound 100% human, many still utilize these tools to write their blogs, create visuals for their products, and even power up their content.

So, is using AI a good or bad thing? I must say, it is not entirely wrong. While some argue that using artificial intelligence might cause more harm than good, properly using these machines will help streamline workflow, giving its users plenty of extra time to do other equally important things in life. 

Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing 

AI is without a doubt a trump card for many business owners when it comes to coming up with marketing plans. From analyzing data to producing valuable content, artificial intelligence is indeed a lifesaver for most people, as it brings a lot to the table. 

To help you better grasp how you can fully maximize AI, we’ve listed seven ways you can implement artificial intelligence in your content marketing.

More Content in Less Time

Artificial intelligence can generate content ten times faster than the conventional way! So if you’re searching for ways to keep up with the rising demands of producing timely content at scale or if you want to be the first to publish the current hottest topic, AI can help you with that.

Just by using keywords, hashtags, and topic research, AI can quickly gather information from a wide range of sources and create content relevant to your topic and audience. This helps you save time and effort while ensuring your post is up-to-date and relevant.

With the sophisticated technology of AI, it can also help you produce blogs, press releases, and even topic ideas in case you’ve run out. In addition, AI can analyze all the existing content available on the web and quickly create one that fits your brand.

Writerly is a tool that can help writers work quickly on their blogs, newsletters, and much more. With more than 50 templates, you can explore Writerly to create content ideas for your brand in less time.

Several AI tools can also help you make eye-catching marketing materials without repeating the same format. If you’re tired of Canva’s poster layouts, why not try InVideo.io? With its text-to-video feature, you can instantly turn your article into a video. It simplifies the labor-intensive process of video creation by providing its users with a wide range of templates. 

Employ AI to Improve Your Users’ Experience

Using chatbots or virtual assistants can improve your customers’ experiences immediately. These machines can quickly answer your clients’ most-asked questions or talk to them in real-time. As seen on Sephora’s page, they’ve been using chatbots to schedule appointments and provide virtual make-up sessions. As a result, the company has seen a higher conversion rate, eventually leading to a better ROI.

Maximize Ai’s Ability to Analyze Your Performance

Reporting tools like Google Analytics, Woopra, and Leadfeeder can give you insights into your website’s performance data. Whether you hit or missed it, AI can analyze the number of likes, reposts, and purchases, which will eventually help you decide which style works or needs improvements. And once you see what’s working and what’s not, you can easily adjust your strategy which will give you better insight into where to invest more of your money.

Use AI to Analyze Your Target Audience

One of the best uses of AI is its capacity to analyze data in less time. They can quickly collate data to determine your audience’s behavior, demographics, and preferences. Then, using these numbers, you can quickly adjust the tone and style of your posts to suit your target market’s needs and interests.

Let AI Optimize Your SEO

There is no need to hire SEO experts, as AI can do this in a snap. Numerous AI platforms, such as Surfer SEO, can quickly tell you about the readability, structure, and keyword use of your content. It can also provide recommendations regarding your backlinks and even your title! 

Narrato, another AI tool, can help you consolidate crucial information to help you earn authority in your niche. This information will further help you analyze the probability of your website’s usability and Google ranking, empowering business owners to have better control of their strategy and workflow. 

Repurpose Your Content Across Different Platforms

To have better reach, it’s practical to recycle your content and use it in different media. But if you think repurposing your content to fit various social media platforms is tedious, think again, as AI can help you cut down your workflow in half! Yes, you heard that right. For example, if you want to post your Facebook video on your TikTok account, there is no need to trim, cut, or find new clips, as several AI tools can quickly convert it into a suitable video ratio. 

You can also transcribe your Youtube video and turn it into an instant blog post; use the AI-powered VEED. You can do all these tasks in less than five minutes!

Use AI in Posting Consistently

One strategy to optimize your website is to post regularly, and AI can help you with this! StoryChief is just one of many AI-powered tools that can automate your posts on different social media sites. To help you streamline your social media tasks, StoryChief’s content calendar feature can help you draft, schedule, and publish your marketing tool at your preferred time and date. You can also easily see how your content is doing, which will help you stay consistent and develop better ideas.


Using artificial intelligence in any marketing strategy provides countless benefits. No wonder many companies and marketers have embraced these machine-powered tools to enhance their company’s performance amid a marketplace brimming with competitors.

But with all these benefits presented, we should all keep in mind that the usage of AI must still be ethical and responsible. Ultimately, artificial intelligence tools shouldn’t replace humans but rather must be only used to assist and streamline our usual workflow so we can enjoy more time doing other equally important things in life.