Four Elearning Trends That Point To The Importance Of Mobile Learning Solutions

Covid has entered our lives and swept the globe. Technology has advanced to such an extent that anything can now be accessed online. One of the recent advancements we have seen with the help of technology is in education. Elearning, mobile learning, and learning through online platforms have all become recent but important trends.

During this transition, mobile learning becomes more essential due to a few trending elements. Let’s check out these trends that have boosted mobile learning.

Virtual classrooms with interactive games: With the world evolving in technology, E-learning has become the norm in educational settings. Technology has made a great contribution to facilitating learning. Virtual classrooms are used to teach by using videos, slide shows, sharing documents, or even by sharing the screen.

Thus, learners can use virtual classrooms from their mobile devices from anywhere. They can also record these learning sessions and review them later. It also allows learners to engage with the help of questions, polls, and quizzes.

The newly added feature in virtual classrooms is relevant games related to the topic of learning. Interactive games ensure students comprehend the material they have learned up to that point and provide the result of what they need to learn or revise again.

As a virtual classroom depends on visual memory, it works better for students. Visuals help students retain enormous amounts of knowledge compared to traditional learning methods. This makes virtual classrooms a key component of education in the future.

Automated chatbots: E-learning works on saved data uploaded to the cloud so that anyone can access it from anywhere. The process of teaching and learning is fraught with doubts and difficulties. And to solve these doubts, e-learning software has AI bots. These bots have access to all the data and thus assist in answering questions.

As they are available online, learners can get answers to their questions anytime. Virtual learning comes with the advantage that data can be accessed anytime. So, if a learner wants to study late at night and faces some doubts, they can be addressed with these automated chatbots. Those interactions made it seem more real. The Elearning platforms are therefore incomplete without these bots.

LMS and Customized LMS: Learning Management Tool is the backbone of any Elearning platform. To build a mobile app or any website, you’ll need plugins to make it look appealing. A WordPress LMS plugin will help you design your app to get good visuals. Some features of the WordPress LMS plugin are:

  • Create and manage courses by adding lessons, topics, categories, embedding videos, images, and many more options.
  • Monetization options for your courses.
  • You can add features like quizzes and polls, assignments and grades, automated emails, gamification, and certifications.
  •  Creating sample courses or trial versions for customers.
  • It can help you with creating chatbots.

Flexibility and Accessibility: People are drawn to easy-to-use things. With that being said, there are various mobile-friendly apps for shopping, grocery, medicines, and even doctor consults on the go. This has made people believe that they can get anything at their fingertips. Therefore, having easy access to classes, courses, and everything that is needed plays an important role.

People respond better if they have easy access, and this encourages them to learn online from Elearning sites or apps. Due to the fact that people tend to spend more time on their phones, a mobile-friendly Elearning program is more convenient. 


Smartphones are used by people to find answers to everything. Also, the pandemic brought with it a number of trends that are of greater significance in education. With mobile learning, people feel connected, and thus they like Elearning more than traditional learning.