How to Improve Your Functional and Mobility Skills

Most people want to sharpen their functional and mobility skills – particularly those who are recovering from an illness or injury.

And for many, it isn’t just to make life easier. Physical independence can also help to boost confidence. So, if you seek to improve your mobility skills, it isn’t surprising.

Luckily, this may be easier to achieve than you imagine.

To find out how, follow our guide.

Simulate Relevant Activities

Which activity do you currently struggle with? Identify it, and then try to simulate it. In mimicking the exercise, you’ll be more likely to improve muscle functionality.

Before you attempt it, consider the limbs or muscles that require extra focus. At which point in the movement do you need to contract, rather than stretch it, for example, and vice versa?

Once you’ve practiced it a few times, you’ll be able to pinpoint which elements of the activity you struggle with most. Likewise, you can assess noticeable areas of improvement, too.

Simulation could be the key to strengthening your functional skills.

Stretch Regularly

Mobility isn’t just about movement – it’s often about flexibility as well. It may sound obvious, but the more flexible a muscle, the easier, and less painful, it will be to stretch.

And of course, this is a vital part of any muscle motion. Regular stretching, therefore, can really enhance comfort during mobility.

If you tend to struggle with this task, you could always ‘static stretch’. This typically involves tightening a muscle or limb for a number of seconds – and may be useful if you struggle to stand up for long periods of time.

It’s vital that you consult your doctor before attempting either form of stretching, however – especially if you’re recovering from a major operation or illness.

If your GP approves of it, regular stretching could help you to heighten your mobility skills. You can also do some research online at sites such as for your physical health.

Get Outside

Perhaps you just want to get outside, rather than actually improve your muscle strength. If you struggle with walking or mobility, you needn’t worry. How about a mobility scooter?

It could provide the perfect opportunity for a leisurely adventure away from the house. Fresh air can greatly improve emotional health – so why not seize the chance to take in more of it?

If you do, you stand to heighten your mood on a daily basis. You’ll no longer have to rely on family, friends and other forms of personal support to enjoy days out.

And as a result, you may gain a greater sense of independence, which could further heighten your self-esteem.

The right mobility solution could really strengthen your personal wellbeing – and this may very well benefit your overall health.

Functional and mobility skills are important. Now that you know how, what’s to stop you from developing yours?