10 Tips To Improve Your Explainer Video

Explainer videos are undoubtedly familiar to you if you work in the video marketing industry. Videos of this sort attract visitors and increase conversions.

Eighty-five percent of consumers who view a video explaining your product or service are inclined to buy from you after watching the video. By now, you’ve probably grasped the significance of making an animated explainer film based on these data.

That being said, how can you produce an explanation video that is compelling?

Ten Tips to Improve Your Explainer Video

1. Improve your script.

The perfect explainer video starts with a well-written screenplay. You can’t make an explanation video without a script.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your video, after your screenplay is complete. The script’s originality results in an explanation video unlike any other.

When you’re creating your script, keep these things in mind:

  • What problem are you solving?
  • Are there any unique selling points to your product?

2. Your explainer video should be brief.

It was important for all of us to spread the word about our businesses and services. Most marketers, on the other hand, make the error of making a lengthy explanation film.

A long explanation video isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s a sign that you don’t understand how people think.

3. Value first, then advertise.

As you add value to your video, your sales will increase. Hence, value delivery should always be a priority. Tell your audience how your product will benefit them.

Instead than focusing on the product’s characteristics, focus on its advantages. As a marketer, it’s critical to value your audience in today’s market.

4. Put on a professional voice.

The tone of your voice in your explanation video is really important. Someone watching your video may be put off if the voice is clear and harsh, so be aware of this.

You may wonder, where can I get a professional voice actor for my project?

There are several options if you conduct a Google search for “professional voiceover” or you can use a realistic text to speech generator, the ai voices are sounding increasingly human and professional.

5. Have fun with your audience:

Everyone wants to have fun. Nobody can deny the fact that everyone who watches your film is having a good time.

Consider adding a little fun to your video. Humor, comedy, memes, and music are all forms of entertainment that may be used.

6. Be sure you use the right images

Explanatory videos that are popular and become viral rely heavily on visuals. Incorporate drawings, images, or statistics on the theme of your film as visual aids.

The value of SEO, for example, may be conveyed with the use of visuals. Viewers are more likely to watch your video if it has engaging visuals.

7. Know who you’re talking to.

Another crucial aspect to consider when making a successful explainer film is knowing your audience.

8. Include background music in your video

When making your video, don’t forget to include music. Background music may either bring optimism to your video or influence your viewers emotionally.

9. Make your video straightforward:

The explainer video should be easy to understand.

When making an explainer video, keep the following points in mind:

  • Define the issue that your client is facing.
  • Solution – Determine the solution to this issue.
  • Tell us about your product, how it works, and how it will help your client address their problems.
  • Call to Action – You must tell them to buy your goods via a call to action.
  • You can simply produce a short explanatory video that works if you keep these four essential elements in mind.

10. Try adding great animation to your explanation video to make it more amazing.

Include symbols: If you know your target audience, you may use animated figures in your explanation video.

To thoroughly capture your target’s attention, you can utilize appropriate characters. These personalities, by the way, aid in the development of trust between you and your audience.

Final Thoughts

As a result, we were confronted with 10 alternative approaches to making a compelling explainer film.

Have you ever made a video that explains something? If not, be sure to follow the steps outlined above to create a fantastic explanation video. Also learn about motion design trends to find the best video format that’s right for you.