Best Ways to Increase Curb Appeal and Maybe Sell for More

If you’re a homeowner, you likely wouldn’t have missed the headlines surrounding the present state of the housing market. Global prices have risen at their fastest pace since 2005, with low interest rates being one of the primary fuels to this on-fire market.

With house prices running riot and demand being very high as a result, more and more homeowners are looking to see if they can get in on the action. If you’re one such would-be seller, one of the first things that you should do is increase your curb appeal.

Kerb appeal matters and may require investment

The look of the front of your house is a major factor in the property market. Yahoo! Finance states that first impressions certainly count as those with high curb appeal are guaranteed to perform better in the market. A very attractive house could even see its price tickle upwards if it appeals to several parties. While there are some quick fixes that can achieve this better impression, sometimes, renovations are required.

Now, you might be thinking that if you want to sell your home, you don’t want to invest more money into it just to improve its curb appeal. However, not only do eye-catching or necessary renovations greatly help your standing in the market, but you can also fund such projects by reducing the cost of your mortgage.

With Trussle, the mortgage broker can find you better rates through remortgaging and offers free advice, potentially reducing your monthly bills to enable you to afford those price-bumping exterior improvements.

Sometimes, it’s just the little things that work

If you don’t think that the exterior of your house would benefit from some renovations, or that it needs any major changes, you can still deftly increase its curb appeal.

One of the more striking ways to do this is to put out plants. Hanging baskets with flowers, larger potted plants, or even some kind of topiary can help a great deal. As Wales247 suggests, getting a professional to have a look at the front of your house to suggest what to place can help a great deal.

Next, look to improving the centerpiece of your house from the curb, your front door. Its color and style are hugely important and say a lot about what’s within – even if it doesn’t perfectly reflect this upon entry. You can either touch up the paint, wash it, or go for something new entirely. In nearly equal measure, cleaning your windows and making sure that they’re well-preserved is also very important to viewers.

Like putting out more plant life, establishing some lighting can really help. While most people going past your home or coming to have a look will likely do so in the day, you can still list photos taken at night. Some planted solar-powered lights and hanging lamps can make the front of your home look much more welcoming and appealing.

In that thinking, you’ll also want to hide your bins, and suffer the inconvenience if they were kept out front for easy moving. Few things are as off-putting about homeownership as the bins.

You can go all-in on some exterior renovations to get a huge edge over nearby homes for sale or just apply some simple touch-ups to enhance the curb appeal of your house.