8 Industries Predicted To Grow In 2021

For businesses and industries, each year comes with its own unique set of opportunities. The year 2021 has, however, come with some rare challenges. The new coronavirus has upset the normal day-to-day business for most, but there’s a glimmer of hope for some sectors. All things being equal, the industries discussed below might have some great chances for growth in 2021.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare has been brought into the limelight by the current COVID-19 global pandemic in 2021. It involves all aspects of your health, including the business of medical care, drug development and research, health equipment development and supply, and insurance.

Healthcare is now also a large part of government policies and priorities. There are lots of opportunities for growth in this sector.

2. Mental Health

Mental health encompasses your emotional and psychological well-being. It determines how you handle stress, as well as the choices you make. It’s important for every society to be of sound mental health.

The global pandemic has caused much anxiety and suffering to most people. It hasn’t been easy to adjust to the current state of the economy and disrupted social connections. This situation has heightened the need for strong mental health institutions. If you’re interested in behavioral health, this could be an opportunity for you.

3. Database Management System (DBMS)

The pandemic has led to an increased importance of databases. The vaccination programs underway in most countries worldwide now require an efficient database network to monitor progress.

In the USA, for example, authorities can now monitor the distribution of marijuana through a cloud-based system that accounts for the whole cannabis market. This tech ingenuity ensures that Metrc compliance can be simple. DBMS has a substantial growth opportunity because of the current pandemic.

4. Data Science

Data science combines programming, mathematics, and statistics to extract information from different industries. Research has shown that the need for data science has increased exponentially over the last couple of months. Issues like climate change and the pandemic have created opportunities in the data science industry.

5. Software Development

Software development involves full cycle product development, designing, programming, testing, and maintenance of applications and software. Software development solves problems through the provision of technological solutions. Due to the global pandemic, companies and organizations have increased demand for remote operations.

For smooth-flowing operations, thousands of software and programs are being developed and improved every day. This has created an excellent opportunity for the growth of this industry.industries predicted to grow

6. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is a branch of computer science that focuses on designing and developing machines capable of doing tasks that normally require human intelligence.

Because of the pandemic, AI has become more critical than ever. The active COVID-19 cases and subsequent lockdowns have forced many companies to find ways to keep their production levels up, despite shortages of staff. This need has created a vacuum which is AI is set to fill in 2021.

7. Digital Design

The digital design industry is concerned with creating multimedia and graphics for websites, mobile applications, animation, social media, video games, and many other media forms. Because of the pandemic, there has been a reported increase in online transactions. This sector is likely to grow in 2021 because most people rely on online services for most of their daily transactions.

8. Finance

Finance is the management of money, especially by governments, companies, and organizations.

The pandemic has upset the normal way of doing business. Some companies were swept onto the wayside and never recovered. The need for financial institutions is now more pertinent than ever. Most companies need financial institutions to recover or stay in business. If you’re into finance, there’s your opportunity.


Although it may seem as if it will be a challenging year ahead in 2021, there’s a likelihood of growth opportunities in industries like health, data science, digital design, and finance. If you’re interested in joining any of these industries, either as an investor or an employee, rest assured that there’s a high possibility of growth for these industries in 2021.