What Are the Best Ways You Can Ingest Cannabis? Your Top Questions Answered

Nowadays, cannabis is readily available in many parts of the world, and in countries like Canada, cannabis can be used by virtually anyone as long as you’re the right age – whether it’s for medicinal reasons or simply to get some emotional or psychological release.

Since cannabis is all-natural, more and more people are making use of it – and its effects can be said to be great for those who have anxiety, have trouble eating, have difficulty sleeping, have pain issues, and more. But if you are a beginner to the enjoyment of cannabis and are wondering how you can best ingest or consume it, wonder no more: here’s your guide to the best ways to ingest cannabis.

1. Smoking it

The first and most popular way you can ingest cannabis would be to smoke it – and a lot of people do this on a regular basis and find that it’s the best method for them as well. There are many advantages to smoking cannabis, one of which is the fact that it has the fastest effect. If you smoke cannabis, it will reach your central nervous system more quickly since it is absorbed directly into your lungs, and it will then give you a fast and intense high.

There are different ways of smoking it too, but one of the preferred ones is a joint. Joints are quite easy to make, and you don’t need a lot of materials to create one. And even if you don’t have time to make your own joint, you can now purchase pre rolls – even online, depending on where you are – and these pre-made rolls come with specific combinations such as those that promote stress relief, mood elevation, anxiety relief, relief from pain, and so on.

2. Eating it

Of course, you can also eat it, and this is the second most popular way of ingesting cannabis. But with eating, there are some considerations, too. For instance, you should consume the right kind of cannabis, because there are different kinds with different effects. If you just go for hemp seeds, they are nutritious, for sure, but they won’t contain any of the CBD or THC which are responsible for cannabis’ health benefits and the emotional and psychological high, respectively.

Eating cannabis can take on many forms as well – you can eat a brownie that contains cannabis, or you can eat a cookie or even oil products which are infused with cannabis. You can also eat products such as cannabutter and put it on bread or crackers. When you eat cannabis, the effect can be more intense, although it may take a while for the effect to show itself. You also have to be careful with the dosage, as there are those who can exaggerate the dose as well.

3. Applying it to the mucous membranes

The third way of ingesting cannabis is to apply it to the mucous membranes with the use of a tincture. Tinctures are particularly popular with those who are older, and you can simply apply small doses to key areas so your body can completely absorb it. One particularly popular area is underneath the tongue, and some people attest that it works faster than eating since it bypasses the process of liver metabolism.

At the end of the day, how you consume it will depend entirely on your preference – but trying out the different ways can undoubtedly be interesting, and when you’ve found the perfect method, you can definitely enjoy its full effects.