7 Common Injuries That Require Physical Therapy

When it comes to healing, physical therapy essentially covers everything. Although it would appear to be just used for sports and orthopedic problems, this sort of therapy actually covers a wider range of conditions.

For instance, physical therapy can benefit people suffering from conditions and diseases of the brain like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Physical therapy can help patients who are battling a fatal cardiovascular ailment recover in another dimension. Physical therapy can be the solution for any recovery process taking place inside the body, from a straightforward condition like a sprained ankle to the complicated problems mentioned above.

Read on for 7 common injuries that require PT.

1. Runners Knee

According to experts, this damage happens when someone runs inappropriately for extended periods of time. The knees and ankles are particularly vulnerable to long-term damage as a result of the impact of “tight” joints, muscles, and ligaments in the leg to a hard surface. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, this injury causes “pain in and around the kneecap that occurs when you are active.”

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2. Pulled Muscle

This injury happens frequently in sports, but it can also happen during routine duties, just like a damaged ankle or another ailment. It is simpler for muscles to rip when they are tight and rigid during movement, especially vigorous action. Pain, “soreness,” cramping, and “restricted range of motion” are all signs of this injury.

3. Shoulder Injury

The risk of a shoulder injury can increase when playing a particular activity that requires repetitive, intensive actions. Throwing a football or baseball is one example of these moves. Shoulder injuries accounted for 27.8% of all days missed by professional baseball players.

In Major League Baseball, the incidence of injuries among pitchers was 34% higher than that among fielders. When moving the shoulder to carry out a typical task, you may experience “stiffness” and pain.

4. Back Pain

Due to the great prevalence of back pain among adults, it deserves its own category. In actuality, lower back discomfort affects 80% of adults at some point in their adult lives.

Once more, the majority of these situations aren’t serious, but they cause the sufferer a lot of pain. Pulling muscles sustained by routine actions like picking up boxes or bending your body in a certain way, such as those that cause back discomfort, are another frequent but less serious injury related to it.

5. Sprained Ankles

Sprained ankles happen when the ankle twists awkwardly and causes the ankle ligaments to experience excessive torque. The severity of sprains varies widely. Physical treatment might not even be required for a mildly sprained ankle. An ankle sprain can cause anything from minor bruises to severe pain and limited range of motion.

6. Pulled Muscle

Some of the most typical sports injuries that call for physical treatment include pulled muscles. When a muscle is overextended, several injuries happen. The degree of strained muscles varies widely, much like sprains. Although a pulled muscle can take longer to recover from than a torn ligament or muscle, the harm is not as serious. For instance, it may take months for a badly torn hamstring to mend.

7. Brain Injury

Physical treatment is not frequently associated with brain damage. However, a patient who suffers from a stroke has brain damage. Similar to how a physical therapist treats their patients, certain types of therapists who go by the name of occupational therapists design a personalized therapy plan for each of their patients that involves physical therapy.