How to Easily Install a Spy Camera

They say that necessity is the mother of information, but these days, you can substitute the word necessity with technology. Today, many things that seemed impossible in the past can be done conveniently, more efficiently, or even effortlessly.

Now, video recording might have been with us for a few decades, but it’s only getting better. From enhancing security to improving safety through surveillance, spy cameras serve several purposes in homes and business premises.

For instance, with a spy camera in your home, you can easily monitor the activities of your kids while away or even remotely watch how the nanny is handling them. With a spy cam installed in your home or apartment, cheating spouses and burglars are left with little space for their mischief.

What’s more interesting is that these days, spy cams are available at affordable prices, making them easy to access and install. But with the many options available on the market today, the folks from GadgetsSpy say that finding a good spy camera can be a tough task.

This makes it important to do some research and read professional reviews about what the best cameras in the market are. Also, for whatever reason you got your spy camera, it’s important to have it installed professionally, or else, it won’t serve its purpose.

Here are a few tips on how to easily install a spy camera.

1. Pick the Perfect Spot

A perfect spot is determined by whatever you are monitoring, so make sure your camera is pointing directly to that area and it should be free from obstructions. For example, if you are worried about a burglar invading your territory while you are away, you can place the camera near the door facing the gate. With that, you can easily identify who is walking in and out of your compound.

If it’s a nanny camera, you’ll also need to choose a location where the nanny frequents most while taking care of your child. If you are interested in sound recording, you should place the camera strategically where sound will be trapped. Keep it away from external speakers for clarified audio.

2. Put the Camera near External Power Supply

While most cameras are battery-operated, electric versions are also available. The latter tend to be more superior because you can connect them to a network. Obviously, the camera should be near an external power outlet to minimize the use of cables.

If you’re worried that the cables will be detected, you can always disguise the wires so they look like they’re serving another home electric appliance. If you purchase one that connects to a network, make sure you get a wireless spy camera so you can do your surveillance remotely.

3. Double-Check For Discoverability

When installing a spycam, you’ll want to find a place that is less likely to draw attention, preferably spots your target is less likely to look directly at. When installing it, keep it slightly higher or lower than the eye level. If you are installing the camera in your cheating spouse’s house, for instance, it’s also advisable to have someone try to locate the spy camera after installation.

If they locate it, change the position, but if they don’t, let it stay there. At all costs, avoid installing the camera in attractive spots like that beautiful wall hanging or that DIY wall clock. By the way, when was the last time you dusted your air vent? You probably can’t even remember. That can be a perfect spot!

4. Protect Your Camera from Damage

As earlier mentioned, when out shopping for a hidden surveillance camera, it’s important to get one that matches your purpose. If you’re going to use it outdoors, ensure it is weather-resistant and can stand harsh weather conditions. Have it installed in a spot where external elements and weather conditions are less likely to damage it?

5. Test and Maintain Your Camera

The essence of getting a hidden camera is using it at your own comfort. When you install it, check to see if the motion and sound output is your preference. If it does not satisfy you, you can upgrade or have it changed to a better one.

Even after having your camera installed, you’ll need to maintain it for a better and longer service. Keep checking its functionality, have it serviced once in a while, transfer your recordings or clear the memory after some time, and wipe the lenses often.

In a nutshell, installing a hidden surveillance camera is not as hard as it may seem to some people. You just need to choose the right model that suits your needs, find the perfect location, find the right angle, and keep it well-maintained.

Also, different cameras have different installation methods, so you’ll want to read the manual carefully when installing yours. Top this up with the above tips and it becomes a breeze.