Practical Tips In Installing Roman Blinds

To install your made to measure Roman blinds depends on whether you hang them on an internal or exterior mount but the method is very similar and quick in general.

Once you’ve measured and created markings for fixings, you can put the brackets using the provided screws. The Roman blinds should be fitted and snapped into place.

The listed tips below on how to install Roman blinds are very useful. Keep it in mind.

Where Will You Place Your Roman Blinds?

The first step before fitting made to measure Roman blinds is to settle on the location.

An inside placement seems elegant but make sure to verify that enough space is accessible for the top fittings. Windows can look bigger with an external positioning not to mention that it’s better for windows with small recess and where curtains will not be used.

Every placement type has different installing steps. Make sure to review the manual for hanging your blinds since they may have unique methods. Keep your equipment close to you as well.

• Calculate the fastening from above the Roman blinds that will be covered for some millimetres on the top of the windowsill.

• Put an allowance about few millimetres for ventilation on one or both sides of the blinds. The windows might have excessive condensation otherwise.

• If you want to stop light from going into the room, put the blinds outside the recess. Check that the frame of the window can withstand the Roman shades’ weight.

Interior Mount

Hanging the Roman blinds through an inner mount means putting the shades to the window frame’s “ceiling” section. An exterior mount, on the other hand, means installing on the side or left window the shades to the “walls” of the window frame.

1. Check that the window’s interior frame is level. If the frame is irregular, mount a small shim to the ceiling.

2. Remove the Roman blinds from their box but keep them bunched together. Keep them up on the inside of the window frame where you want to hang them.

3. Using a pencil, trace the position of the Roman blinds on its’ brackets and the window frame.

4. The spacing should be approximately 3 inches from either side of the shade between the brackets. Put away the blinds.

5. Mount the brackets using the screws. When matching the screws with the brackets’ holes, you can have them lined up with the window frame’s edge before screwing them.

6. To snap the brackets, click them in place then move the top of the blinds forward and lock them to the frame. Test if it fits well by adjusting the shades.

Exterior Mount

Remember the steps above for the exterior mount.

Check if the blinds are huge enough to cover the whole window with an allowance of 4-8 inches on all sides. And then, make sure that the fitting is properly fitted in the wall at the top of the window and window sills.