6 Interior Design Tips for Your Apartment

Moving into a new apartment can be very exciting, but it can also be overwhelming at first. Especially if you move into a completely unfurnished space, you might feel like you don’t know exactly where to start.

Instead, try to think of your new spot as full of potential. You have the freedom to make this space exactly as you want it to be (within your budget, of course). So, how do you want to do it? How can you make this new apartment your own? Here are our tips to help you get started decorating the inside of your new space.

Draw inspiration from others online

As you begin to decorate your new home, your first stop should always be the Internet. Social media is full of professional interior designers, people who get paid to do what you’re hoping to do now: create an amazing and stylish living space.

Scroll through pictures to get some ideas about color schemes and suggestions for decor. While it would be difficult to perfectly replicate these rooms, social media can be a great jumping off point for you as you get started.

Use palettes to learn about colors

If you aren’t on the cutting edge of fashion, you might be new to Color Theory, the set of ideas that explain how colors work together and are perceived. Luckily, there are plenty of resources online to help you better understand colors.

Look for complimentary colors, as well as colors that appropriately contrast one another, which can act as accents. This will give your home a more cohesive and chic feel. Having trouble finding things online? You can have swatches and paint chips sent to your home, allowing you to consider how colors look together in real life.

Bring in personal touches

Sometimes, an unfurnished apartment can feel stark, especially in a large apartment building. To make it more cozy, try to bring in personal touches from your own life. Items like trinkets from childhood or personalized photo blankets can make your space feel warmer and more inviting. Soon enough, your house will start to feel like a home.

Measure, measure, measure

This advice should go without saying, but somehow, many new home decorators ignore this advice. Please don’t skip this step! Buy yourself a quality tape measure and take measurements of the spaces in which you hope to put furniture. Measure the doors and the hallways as well.

There is nothing worse than buying furniture that is too big for your apartment or won’t fit in the door. Save yourself the headache and take the time to measure your spaces.

In some cases, the leasing office may also be able to provide this information, so it may be worthwhile to ask.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

It sounds cliche, but for those working on a budget, buying second hand goods is an excellent way to get decent furniture and decor for cheap. However, even if you aren’t worried about your spending, it’s still worth it to check online marketplaces and local garage sales, especially if you have vintage taste.

Often, when folks buy new furniture, they want to get rid of the old furniture quickly and without hassle. This means that you can find some amazing, high-quality furniture for a fraction of the cost. No matter what your budget is, freeing up more money to spend is always a good thing!

Express yourself and be creative

After you’ve made a general plan for your color palette and general style, it’s time to add the flair that will really make this apartment stand out. Add finishing touches by picking out wall art or sculptures which you find interesting and beautiful.

Be as out there as you want, it’s your space! When you have fun and allow yourself to be creative, your apartment will feel like an extension of yourself, making it as cool and unique as you are.