10 Essential International Marketing Tactics

Globalization is one of those many things that not only bring us together but also make our lives more interesting and diverse regarding the experiences. Today, the world is connected so much that it often seems that we might live in America, while, in fact, we dwell upon the other side of the planet Earth.

Yet, despite that, international business and marketing still face some issues. While those issues might seem exhaustingly serious and unbreakable, there are, in fact, quite realistic solutions that are being developed largely thanks to the rise of globalization and digital technology.

In the Fast-Paced World, the Solutions Come Even Faster

Doing international business and marketing is not an easy feat really, yet, the solutions to lots of possible problems often get developed even before the actual issues arise.

Do you have any trouble with finding the right publisher for your advertisement? Don’t know how to attract customers in another country? Want to sell something innovative or non-conventional? Well, the solutions to these and many other problems have already been developed. Having them at hand means being ready for all possible crises that there might be.

Here are just a couple of such solutions.

1. Omnichannel marketing. You might have heard about such things as multichannel marketing. Yet, when you go global, think about omnichannel marketing. The thing is that different channels of marketing communications are popular differently in different countries. Some customers would be targeted more effectively through the use of social media in some countries, while in others in-app and email marketing would work even better.

One channel that many companies overlook is SMS. There is a huge misconception that SMS marketing is an old-fashioned way to get your message to the customer, however, it is not true. The importance of SMS Gateway API in an omnichannel marketing strategy is undeniable. It’s an excellent medium for sending short but vital pieces of information.

2. Optimizing your content. As you target different platforms, you should optimize the content for each of them. While the post length on Facebook and Instagram might have their limitations, email newsletters, for instance, will have others. At the same time, all the channels allow flexibility in their own way and require their own creative approach.

3. Programmatic. This new fancy method of advertising that has become popular within the past few years is getting even more trending as the years go by. Based largely on the automation of the advertisement, programmatic allows great flexibility and effective campaign organization on top of the greater reach and increased sales as the result.

4. Localization. Translating the content of your marketing campaign is not really an effective thing anymore, you have to localize. Taking a translation at a somewhat higher level, localization adapts your product, advertisement, and essentially everything else to the cultural norms of your target country. This thing has been very trendy recently, and even some of the professionals provide that localization is the key today.

Luckily, localization is so widespread today that you can simply pick the website translation services at TranslationReport and see that the localization is already included. So, making some extra effort to appeal to the larger audience seems like a reasonable thing to do.

5. Going green. Environmentally friendly trends are pretty much relevant today, so if you want to sell something, add a green flavor to it. You don’t have to buy electric cars for your transportation needs or use solar batteries, yet, you can still use packaging from recycled materials, produce healthy food, or reduce the number of chemicals used in your product. Every effort in this direction is valuable.

6. Plan your logistics. While moving your production facilities to countries with cheaper labor force became trendy a long time ago, rationalizing the location of the facilities is only becoming a trend. The point is that despite the cheap labor force, the shipping to the designated locations might still be costly. So, relocating your facilities to the countries where you plan to sell your products is a reasonable thing to do.

7. Digitalization. It might seem obvious in the 21st century, yet, having some kind of online presence deserves a separate remark. Having a website or, at least, an active social media platform page is a must today if you want any kind of presence on the market internationally.

8. Artificial intelligence and automation. With the capabilities that the modern AI has, you can automate nearly every process in your production, from the actual manufacture of goods to the customer support by enabling the chatbots. This way you will not only save lots of unnecessary costs in the future but will also be able to hire human resources for more creative and strategic tasks.

9. Multilingual SEO. Being present on the internet is a good thing. But being present on the internet in different countries doubles that good. Paying special attention to your SEO localization offers you vast opportunities to target your destination countries’ search results, which will inevitably bring the customers to your door and vice versa.

10. Content personalization. If you think that localization is enough, you might be right in the context of entering another country. But in the context of keeping your customers loyal, this might not be enough. You have to divide the content of your marketing campaign into even smaller bits to satisfy the needs of the different groups of customers in a foreign country.

And the list goes on. There are, of course, more maneuvers and strategies to follow, and you can get more info on them by simply searching online. Otherwise, it’s only up to you how to use and combine all the tactics offered and searchable.

Armed and Ready for the Challenges

Marketing is, of course, a serious challenge and not an easy feat at all. Yet, having some points to consider at hand, you can largely save your time, effort, and money, which you would otherwise unnecessarily spend while looking for options.

Of course, the list of tips and tricks in marketing is truly huge but keeping the ten aforementioned things in mind will certainly give a good start. The only real thing to remember when going into global marketing is to stay inspired and creative despite all the challenges, troubles, and doubts.

Author Bio: Henry McDowell is an experienced and aspiring writer during the daytime and is a highly inspired and motivated traveler and explorer full-time. By surfing through the internet in search of a new thing to research and share, Henry feels alive every day. Follow Henry on his journeys and keep in touch with this fast-paced head-spinning world!