Make Your International Relocation as Smooth and Stress-free as Possible with These Simple Tips

To many people, moving is one of the most frustrating experiences. It gets even more challenging when you have to move abroad. To begin with, in the first few months, you’ll feel like an outsider, everything is new – new people, new culture, strange food – you’ll likely wonder if your life will ever be the same. 

But with the bad, also comes the good. Moving abroad shouldn’t be that much of a challenge. Actually, it should be exciting to want to spread your wings in a different kind of pasture, explore new opportunities, meet new friends, and start your life afresh. This is what you need to focus on rather than the nitty gritties of moving. 

To help you remain objective, below are tips to make your international relocation as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Find an efficient removal company

If you’ve never moved before or used moving companies, moving across the borders is the time to bring in the experts. An international move is a great move and this means that you already have too much on your plate to worry about packing and unpacking. Renowned international removalists at say that the best way to make your move as smooth as it can get, is to work with a dedicated and experienced international removals company.

Professional moving and shipping companies will help to take a big chunk of stress from your shoulders because when it comes to moving, the greatest stress contributor is managing packing and unpacking as well as the transportation of belongings. This means that you’ll need a moving company that is well versed in overseas and international moves. 

And in most cases, international moves don’t come cheap. You may also want to do some research and compare quotes from different companies to arrive at the best deals. When vetting these companies, check for the following attributes:

  • Door to door/door to port moving
  • Licensed and insured
  • Pet relocation services
  • Ability to handle both air and sea freights
  • Customized services

Organize your paperwork

As earlier mentioned, an international move is a great move. You’ll need to have all your traveling documents sorted out and well organized. It can get a bit tricky if you’re moving as a family. Everyone will need to have their passports, visas, and work permits for adults. The fact that you’re moving is a clear indicator that they are in your procession.

So, the task at hand is to have all these documents in one place. It’s a good idea to also have copies stored in a different compartment and also, electronically.

Involve others

It’s always important to have someone else share the load. We are human and we need each other to survive and to progress in life. So, don’t overburden yourself if you have relatives living nearby or friends. They’re likely dying to come to lend you a hand. All you need to do is ask. Delegate different tasks to people you know you can trust with your household goods.

Sometimes, all it takes is having someone you can lean on when it gets tough, and believe it or not, if you go it alone, you could get overwhelmed. So don’t bear the load alone. The idea is to have a stress free move, right?

A great idea when packing is to label your boxes with room designation. If the moving company offers packing services, the better. But you’ll need to inform them of this idea beforehand. This will save you the trouble of sifting through boxes once you get to your destination. It helps you remain organized all the way!

Purchase additional insurance

It’s always a good idea to invest in supplemental insurance when moving internationally. This is especially the case with valuable and fragile goods. This type of insurance is known as marine insurance and it helps to cover for loss or damage to cargo in transit by sea, air, or land. This way, you know that your belongings are protected and covered no matter what happens.

Be sure not to pack prohibited items

When moving internationally, there are strict regulations and restrictions on what you’re allowed to carry and what you’re not. For instance, firearms, alcoholic beverages, and perishable goods are items that may raise eyebrows and add to your stress.

Before moving, liaise with the moving company, because they are experienced in such matters and will provide you with insights on how to go about packing such items. This can save you a lot of frustrations and not to mention valuable time. 

You now have every reason to smile and remain excited about your move. This is perhaps the most important time in your life because you’re about to embark on a life-changing move. By focusing on the most important things, you’ll be sure to remain objective and hopeful. So use the above tips to your advantage. Happy moving and congratulations!