Why You Need to Invest in a New Car This Summer

It’s fair to say that the automobile industry has suffered a major blow ever since the global spread of COVID-19. Because of the pandemic, consumer trust has plummeted, and car manufacturers have had to revise their sales projections downwards.

Now, as the world is slowing de-quarantining and economic activity is picking up once again, auto brands and dealerships are offering many advantageous deals to entice people to invest in a brand new personal vehicle. 

In the following guide, we’re detailing some of the reasons why this summer of 2020 is an ideal time to purchase a car.


The high season is upon us! Whether you’re planning a family road trip across the country, a retreat with your best friends, or if you’re still working back home, everybody needs a personal car to fulfill their summer plans and attend to their professional duties.

Consider this an opportunity to invest in a vehicle like the Lincoln Navigator that will maximize your experience and everyday convenience. It’s most certainly a sizable investment, but it’s bound to save you loads on other means of transportation down the line.

Energy Efficiency

There has been a lot of controversy in recent years regarding the role of cars in global CO2 emissions. While this cannot be denied, manufacturers are now riding the green wave and designing car models that use sustainable sources of fuels, such as biofuel or electric batteries.

So, if you’re environmentally conscious, opt for a model with a higher energy efficiency that will contribute less to pollution and keep your mind at ease while hitting the road.


If you’ve been contemplating purchasing a used car to save up some cash, think again. Second-hand cars, although they can be good deals at times, often conceal damages or dysfunctions that may threaten the safety of the driver and passengers. That amount you’ll have saved will go right into major repairs and maintenance.

In contrast, new cars come with reliability and safety guarantees, something of importance whenever you’re making a major purchase.


On-board tech has surely come a long way since the days of the radio and CD player (even the good old AUX cable!). Modern cars embark on a host of high-tech amenities that complement the pleasures of driving.

Some of these include touchscreen panels, integrated GPS, assisted parking, voice-recognition software, or automatic smartphone pairing. These latest advances aren’t simply meant to provide entertainment; in fact, they’re here to make your car safer, too.


While that should be its primary purpose, owning a car isn’t simply meant to take you from point A to point B. In practice, for many people, purchasing the latest car model is a symbol of status and achievement. It’s quite easy to poke fun at this, but it’s still a valid reason for investing in a brand-new, shiny vehicle. It is worth investing in brand new vehicles such as honda shuttle 1.5G. Since the price of the Shuttle 1.5G has been stable with its fuel consumption, rated at 21.8 km/l. Indeed it becomes one of the most practical cars in its class.

After all, who doesn’t like to travel or arrive at parties in style? Depending on your budget, you’re free to select a car that fits your personal taste and will allow you to show off (but not too much!).

Lower Payments

As briefly mentioned a prime reason why buying a car this year is that manufacturers and dealers are granting enticing zero-interest payment plans and cashback deals. In doing so, their strategy is to get the demand back up again in a time of economic uncertainty.

Now, whether you’ve been saving up or you’re planning to apply for a long-term car loan, make sure you do your research beforehand. The experts over at this website believe this will allow you to be in a better position to negotiate your car’s final price, be it in person in the showroom, or online with a salesperson.

Online Sales

Speaking of which, due to partial lockdowns and movement restrictions still in effect, several car sellers are now providing the option for people to purchase their dream car directly online. How convenient! The current pandemic has forced many businesses and companies to look for practical ways to sell their products, and e-selling fulfills that objective perfectly.

Now that they don’t have to visit the showrooms in person, and paired with generous financing plans, this is certainly a great way to get consumers to make purchases again from the comfort of their own homes.

All things considered, there are many compelling reasons why buying a car this summer is a smart move. You’ll benefit from some of the most advantageous rates on the market while enjoying the comfort and safety features of modern vehicles. Wherever you’re going, whatever your plans are, it’s an investment that’s bound to pay for itself.