5 Popular Japanese Deserts And Sweets You Need To Try

Coffee and jelly are two wonderful creations, but have you ever thought of trying them both together? 

This Coffee jelly recipe on our honest food talks website is a delicious gelatin dessert that’s caffeinated, and it’s completely vegan! 

Aside from this wonderful creation, there are an array of different Japanese desserts and sweets you need to try! 

This article will be providing you with a small list of 5 delicious Japanese desserts and sweets you need to try. 

1. Banana Sushi

Banana sushi is a delicious and very attractive-looking Japanese-inspired dessert. It involves slicing up bananas and covering them up with chocolate and crumbled pistachios. In each bite, you’ll have a combination of a sweet and crunchy feel. 

They are also super easy to make, only requiring 3 ingredients, and 15 minutes to put them together! No matter how busy you are, you’ll definitely be able to find the time to make this yummy dessert, and if you’ve got little ones, it can be something fun to do together! 

2. Green Tea Cookies

Green tea has some wonderful benefits, so why not include them in a sweet treat? Green tea, or green tea powder, has been used in traditional Japanese cooking for years, so these cookies are a great cultural dessert. 

They also have white chocolate chips included, giving a nice sweet balance to the bitterness of the green tea. 

These cookies also take on the green hue from the green tea, and therefore, would be a lovely addition to your Christmas day table! 

3. Candied Sweet Potato

Candied sweet potatoes, also known as Daigaku Imo in Japan, are a popular Japanese dessert and snack. 

They consist of sweet potatoes that have been deep-fried and then coated with a sweet, caramel syrup, adding a lovely flavor that compliments the sweet potato beautifully. 

The skin of the sweet potato is crunchy and crisp, and the flesh of the potato is tender, while the entire thing is covered with delicious caramel. This option is bursting with contrasts in flavors and textures that are truly divine! 

An extra fact about this sweet treat is that the term ‘daigaku imo’ translates to ‘university potato’. The reason for this is those sweet potatoes were sold for dirt cheap back in the 1900s and they were very popular among university students for this reason. Hence, the name ‘university potato’. 

4. Dorayaki 

Dorayaki is another traditional Japanese dessert. It is made with two little pancakes layered on top of each other with a red bean paste filling. 

This option is relatively filling, so rather than a dessert, it is often eaten as a sweet snack. It is said to resemble the taste of regular pancakes along with whipped cream! 

This is perfect for those with a sweet tooth who fancy something that’s a little more filling and wholesome, due to the pancake consistency. 

5. Green Tea Mochi

Mochi is a traditional little bun made with chewy and soft rice. The rice is steamed before being pounded and mashed, and then made into little balls. 

After they are made into small balls, they are baked or boiled. They are then combined with a variety of flavors, such as savory and sweet. 

This option is infused with matcha, giving it that green tea flavor and extra green color. This green tea mochi is filled with either ice cream, strawberry, or red bean paste, giving it a sweetness combined with the bitterness we know and love from the matcha. 

Best served with a warm cup of tea, this is the perfect way to end a satisfying meal. They don’t take long to make either, all you’ll need is 15 minutes! 

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, there are an array of popular Japanese desserts and sweet treats that you are bound to enjoy. 

They normally involve steamed rice that has been sweetened, a mix of bitter and sweet flavors, and many recipes that include matcha. 

All the desserts mentioned in this article are very easy to make, and they are super quick to whip up. They can be a lovely way for you to unwind after a long day, with something to look forward to at the end, or a great family activity you can take part in with your little ones. 

You can have a play around with all kinds of textures and flavors, and you’ll really impress your guests if you whip out any of these recipes at your next dinner party or family gathering! 

We hope you enjoyed reading this article on our honest food talks website. Happy cooking!