Tips To Cooking The Juiciest Barbecue

There is nothing quite like a delicious meal after a long day. Food, while a necessity to live, is one of the few delicacies in life that continue to inspire and impress, never getting old or tiresome. You start viewing it in an even different light once you learn to cook for yourself, and you appreciate it a lot more.

If there’s one thing you have to try out for yourself, it has got to be a BBQ. It’s the best way possible to enjoy a steak or some chicken –– even fish are more delicious when barbecued. 

These tips will help you cook the juiciest barbecue. 

Choosing the Right Cuts

When it comes to barbecue, it’s all about choosing the right cuts. Whether it is steak, chicken, or fish, certain parts and cuts benefit a lot more from slow cooking. Others might be overcooked to a bad aftertaste.

For example, if you’re going with red meat, the fatter the better. Cuts like ribs or beef brisket really savor all the flavors and become very juicy and delicious when slowly barbecued. For chicken, you should definitely go for skinless and boneless breasts, which taste completely different when barbecued. 

It’s all in the Marinade 

Barbecuing is an art of sorts, but it’s not just in the process itself and how you go about cooking. A barbecue is as good as the marinade you soak the meat or chicken in. You will definitely have to experiment for a while before deciding on which marinade works best for you, but it’s usually a mixture of acidic liquids, oils, herbs, and/or spices.

If you’re talking bigger cuts, like ribs, pork shoulders, or turkey, then you should let them marinate overnight so they could really soak in the flavors. Smaller cooks like fish fillet or even vegetables need only an hour or so in the marinade. For the juiciest grilled chicken, you should definitely go with soaking it in brine because the salt in it causes water retention in the breasts, so they become very juicy when barbecued. 

Getting the Right Smoker

While the marinade and choosing the right cuts are delicate angles to getting the perfect barbecue, if you don’t know how to properly cook the cut, it won’t matter. This is the part where amateurs are separated from the pros, and it all starts with choosing the right tool to cook. As the reviews from Electric Smoker Guys show, you can never really go wrong with an electric smoker.

It is the easiest to use, using only a dial to control the temperature. It will give you the required smoky taste with the least effort, which is why this is recommended for beginners still finding their way into the world of barbecuing. 

You could also use your good old fashioned grill if you want, but the matter will be a bit more complicated. For smoking meat or chicken, a smoker is the fastest and most appropriate method, but a traditional charcoal grill also does the trick, but you need to know your way around one. 

Selecting the Wood

Yes, the kind of wood chips you use for barbecuing matters in the flavor you’ll get, probably as much as the marinade itself. Different kinds of wood burns differently, and the smoky taste of the meat will differ accordingly.

For instance, Applewood gives a fruity flavor that makes it ideal for poultry and pork, as opposed to mesquite which has a very strong and pungent odor that has a distinct smoky taste –– which makes it ideal for smaller cuts that cook quickly before being overwhelmed by the mesquite. Alder gives a sweet flavor that is best paired with fish and poultry for that delicious juiciness with a hint of sweetness.  Hickory is a bit like mesquite, imparting a strong flavor, and it’s perfect with red meat. 

Cover your Grill

It is extremely important to cover the grill or smoker if you want to keep the meat or chicken moist. It will also ensure that heat doesn’t escape, which means the meat will be cooked from all sides and in a faster time. This, in turn, means there is less chance of it getting dry. 

It will take some time for you to get the hang of this whole barbecue thing. You’d be doing yourself a favor if you did some reading and watched some videos on how to best barbecue chicken, meat, and poultry. It will help you learn what the best practices are and what you can do for that juicy, smoky flavor that is more delicious than anything you have ever eaten.