4 Tips On How To Keep Your Baby Safe Around Your Home

Accidents involving your baby can be catastrophic to your baby’s health yet very easy to avoid. Items which appear normal to you, can injure your child, and endanger their health. Things can be tough especially as a new mum but it is up to you to ensure your sweet bundle of joy has guaranteed safety around the home. Here are a few pointers and how to keep your baby safe in your home:

Invest in Baby Monitors

One significant advantage of using video monitors to safeguard your child is that you will observe events in real-time. This helps you to be in control even when you are in the next room.

Take a look at the monitor collection list in the market to know what to get for your home. Having a video monitor in your baby’s room will help you keep an eye on your baby’s activities and environment. Additionally, observing your baby’s behavior and habits can help you avert a possible accident.

Baby Proofing

A simple yet effective way of keeping your baby safe is to understand their behavior and be like them. Reason out, play, and move around like them. In this scenario, you can go on your fours and move around your house. Can anything injure their hands, knees, or feet? Remove the obstacle out of your child’s reach. Have an electrician repair any loose wires or electrical sockets.

Research shows about 50% of deaths in a baby’s crib happen when babies suffocate on bedding. Is the bedding out of the baby’s reach? Your child’s cream should be away from items that can strangle the baby such as long curtains.

Another way of baby proofing your home is to remove items such as medications and detergents which your baby can ingest. This is one dangerous item your baby can hold.

Seal Off Water Areas

Your child can easily drown if left unattended near a large amount of water. This includes the toilet bowl, bathtub, water storage tanks, and even basins containing water. If possible lock the room that has items that contain water. As you bathe your baby, always make sure you do not leave them in their bathing basin.

Never Leave Your Child Unattended

Whether going at your next-door neighbor it is dangerous for you to leave your child alone, especially as an infant. Babies can be adventurous which might harm them in the process. If you live in a house that has a staircase, ensure that the beginning and the end of the staircase have been closed off. This blocks your baby from attempting to go up or down on the staircase.

Doors and windows should be kept locked at all times to restrict their movements. What if your home has a fireplace? The best thing to do is to seal off a large surrounding area of the fireplace. To that connection lighters and matchsticks should be safely stored away from your baby’s reach.

Additionally, remember to turn off your gas in the kitchen. Kitchen accidents can be quite dangerous. Electrical appliances in the kitchen such as the dishwasher and oven should be out of your baby’s reach.