6 Simple (Yet Effective) Ways to Keep Your Home Cool & Comfortable

All around the world, temperature readings have gone higher, and they have been on a steady rise. According to NASA, the temperature on Earth has increased, on average, by a whopping 0.8° Celsius (1.4° Fahrenheit) since 1880. Two-thirds of the warming have occurred since 1975, with 2019 recorded as the hottest year ever.

Of course global warming is much more complicated than just a rise in temperature. Yet, at the very least, all of us will be subjected to much stronger and longer heat waves. Heat waves can get us sick, causing heat strokes and worse. Wherever humans dwell, be it a city, rural towns, mountains, beach or suburban setting, they will get affected by rising temperatures.

From now on, until we’re able to control the heat, we need to adapt to it outside and inside our homes.

Here are some basic things you can do to keep your home cool during those hot months that visit us during the year.

Shut the blinds

If you have a gorgeous view, you might want to make do without it during extreme heat and keep the blinds shut or the curtains drawn. At least, do this during the sunniest part of the day. If you have venetian blinds, turn them up to get light in the room and keep away from direct sunlight which can heat up a room very quickly. And if you have yet to find good blinds, you can easily get the Perfect Fit from Blindstyle.

Use heat-reducing film

The windows in your home play a big role in keeping the heat in. About 30% of the heat in your home seeps through the windows. Besides blinds or curtains that work on preventing glare and sunlight, a quick and easy way to deal with windows is to cover them with a reflective, heat-reducing film. This film is stuck onto windows to regulate temperature.

It tends to use advanced technology that blocks heat, reflects UV rays, and reduces glare for more interior comfort. It also provides privacy since you can’t see the inside of a house from the street, but you can still maintain the outside view.

Use fans 

As temperatures soar, fan sales increase. The ceiling fan market in the USA was worth $385.36 million in 2015 and is expected to reach $445.30 million in 2021, showing you just how much fans are in demand now.

Ceiling fans tend to be the most popular choice because they are used to supplement the air-conditioning system in your home in summer. This helps reduce the load put on an air conditioning system. You might be pleased to know that fans these days aren’t as noisy as older models; quiet fans are popular among homeowners to cool their home without any noise.

It’s a good idea to read more here about the best quiet fans in the market and compare their features and prices before purchasing. They’re very affordable for almost any budget range, so it’s quite common that you may want to buy several fans for each room of the house.

Install an Insulation system

For sure, spending money on insulation is not nearly as fun as buying a new sofa. However, on the bright side, it will keep your home much more comfortable during hot, sticky months. Insulation works when heat flows from a hotter to a cooler place.

When you don’t have insulation, you can bet that heat will creep into your rooms because it’s simply all over—in your ceilings and walls. Poor insulation also means your air conditioning system will have to work harder, reducing its lifespan.

Switch off electronics

Any electronic device we use uses energy, which produces heat. You surely have many devices, and most of them are probably on standby. Even that little bit of light emitting from a device doesn’t need to be on if not in use.

Obviously, light bulb switches need to be turned off as well. Keeping your house cool could involve bigger actions to take, but it’s also about small actions that all adds up to a cooler home.

Use lighter fabrics

If you’re planning to buy new furniture or live in a relatively hot or humid areas, you might want to look into lighter fabrics in texture and color. White fabric helps retain less heat in furniture. Even if you already have dark fabrics or prefer the darker ones in general, you can buy light white covers.

They’ll definitely keep you feeling cooler if your chairs or sofas are of a heavier material, like velvet or a material, such as leather, that will easily stick to you when hot and sweaty. 

When summer visits, you’ll want to chill! There are a lot of simple things you can do for a comfortable house in summer. A fully air-conditioned house 24/7 is great, but lots of us need more cost-efficient means to keep cool and keep the house cool. These tips should help you. For more information, please check Home Gears Lab.