Keep Your Leather Shoes Happy With These Tips

Leather shoes for men have a certain amount of class in them. They are durable in general and remain almost new for quite long if taken care of properly. In this article, we have listed a few tips that will help you wear your favorite pair of leather shoes for a longer period of time. Read on to know more.

Be it your boots or loafers shoes for men or brogues, there are two main care concepts – one is to keep them clean and the other is to keep them dry. Following these two basic steps will save your leather shoes from general wear and tear.

Before Wearing

• Sole Guard

Before wearing any new pair of leather shoes, ensure you take them to a cobbler and ask him to put sole guards in the new pair. These thin pieces of rubber protect the sole arresting water from penetration. Sole guards can ensure that the shoes do not wear too quickly.

• Waterproof

One way to waterproof your shoes is to use silicone sprays. They are the best way to waterproof heavy leather boots. On the minus side is that they darken soft and light leather. Hence for more delicate leather shoes, it is advisable to use non-silicone sprays. Ensure to remove any dirt from shoes before spraying them and let them dry overnight. Check out thursday boots captain review to know more about boots and boot care tips.


Leather type Maintenance Tips
Leather For basic leather shoes, follow these tips for regular maintenance:

  • Use a horsehair applicator for polishing your shoes
  • Polish your shoes when you wear them every third time
  • Buff your shoes once the polish settles
  • You might have noticed that the wax dulls the sheen and blocks the pores. To remove these blocks, use the cleaning solvent specifically designed for this purpose
  • Do not wear leather shoes and not even loafers for men when it is raining. Water and leather do not go well together. It will leave behind stains and some major damage to the leather. If your shoes get wet, do not place them in direct sunlight. Just leave them in a corner and well-ventilated space with a shoe tree on


  • Use a nylon brush to remove dirt
  • Use only the liquid cleanser made for Suede
  • Clean the scuff marks using Suede erasers
Patent Leather
  • Use a spray or spray on furniture polish
  • Keep the shoes clean and supple
  • Use ammonia-based glass cleaner and soft cotton cloth or ball to restore the shine

More Maintenance Tips

• Don’t wear the same shoes every day. Keep your shoes out to dry in a well-ventilated space.

• Keep your shoes in a covered closet. Dust damages the leather by drying it out.

• If your shoes get muddy, take steps to clean them as soon as possible with a gentle leather cleaner. Dark scuffs can be removed using baby wipes.

• Clean your shoes after each wear. Use the shoe brush and a cloth for a quick wipe every day before placing the leather shoe for men back into the closet.

• Use the shoe tree effectively and do not skip it. Leather being porous absorbs a lot of moisture. A shoe tree inserted into the shoe absorbs it instead and takes away the odour too.

Storing The Shoes

Storage also plays a large part in your shoe maintenance. A few quick insights are provided here with which you can never go wrong in storing the shoes:

• Dust bags

Store the shoes in dust bags when you are not using them. As mentioned earlier, dust dries out the leather and leads to degradation. Do not use plastic bags as they do not give an opportunity for your shoes to breathe. Cardboard shoe boxes are not of great help too. They can trap moisture and allow mold to grow. Hence always use dust bags or flannel shoe bags.

• Boot Shapers

These help to keep your leather shoes and suede boots from slouching. You do not want your favourite pair to deform and so, invest in a good pair of boot shapers.

• Shoe Trees

Excellent in absorbing moisture, always store your leather shoes with shoe trees as they naturally absorb the dampness, odor thereby increasing the shoes’ life and durability.

Professional Care

Finally, sometimes your shoes may need the assistance of professionals. They will help you to.

• Replace Soles

If your sole feels springy when pressed, it is an indication that the soles need to be replaced. Choose the cobbler based on the value of the shoes.

• Replace Heels

Broken heels need to be replaced as early as possible.

• Size

If in case you feel that your shoes no longer have the correct fit, take them to a cobbler, they will be able to stretch it up to half a size.

There May Be More

There will undoubtedly be more ways to maintain and take care of leather shoes for men. But the above-mentioned simple steps, when followed, will ensure the shoes last for a long time and get quality products at the best price. You will be surprised at the great results when you diligently take care of your pair of leather shoes.