Ways to Keep the Liver Healthy and Clean

Your liver is a lot more than what it looks like. It is the second largest organ and largest gland of your body. If I talked about the functions of the liver then it has around 500 critical functions in the body. Now you can imagine the importance of the liver to the human body.

The health of your liver may not be on top of your mind but the moment you face any malfunction or discomfort in your liver anything else won’t be able to stay on your mind.

One of the main reasons is the risk to your liver health is alcohol. Looking at the current lifestyle consumption of alcohol is kind of an integral part of today’s era.

The liver can digest and detoxify alcoholic compounds. But the energy required to detoxify these compounds is ten times more than the normal energy required. Due to this, the liver cells are exhausted and are replaced by scar cells or tissue. 

Even eating a lot of junk and deep-fried food can lead to the formation of fatty layers on the liver which can result in fatty liver disease. 

This fatty liver if not treated on time can further lead to obesity and further to cirrhosis which is when liver cells fail to function properly. 

Certain things come into our day-to-day life if we take care of then the health of the liver will be maintained. Some of the ways I am mentioning it

Important Ways To Keep The Liver Healthy

Mindful about the consumption of alcohol: the liver can break down only a certain amount of alcohol per day and the consumption of alcohol beyond that may result in damaging the liver cells and bringing the scar tissues in their place. This can also lead to inflammation of liver cells and hence will lead to the failure of the liver.

The amount of alcohol that men should consume per day is two standard drinks whereas in the case of women it comes to one. If you are consuming more than this then you may end up harming your liver cells. One standard drink is equivalent to: 

  • One normal beer
  • One small glass of wine 
  • One small shot of whiskey.

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Having a balanced and healthy diet: The main reasons other than alcoholism for liver failure are the high level of fat in the blood and a high level of cholesterol and these are very common reasons for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. deep-fried food, red meats, and dairy products have saturated food stored in them. The liver itself stores dietary fats and adding more saturated fats can result in fatty liver.

The only solution to this is to include high-fiber fruits and vegetables in your diet. Using whole grain products in the meal is a good option.

Careful with traditional medicine and remedies: Several traditional compounds are unknown to us and thus their toxicity level. Consumption of these traditional medicines can put your liver under stress and can also affect the regular functioning of your liver hence resulting in several discomforts.

Some of the compounds are so toxic that they can cause irreversible damage to your liver cells. Hence resulting in liver failure. Please consult your doctor prior if you are consuming any such thing.

Cut Down On Smoking: Studies have shown that smoking enhances the toxicity of the liver and also affects some medications. These can also lead to liver cancer.

Careful about the consumption of weight loss pills and fad diets: certain pills are available at medical stores without any prescription. several toxins are present in those weight loss pills. This can be harmful to your liver cells.

Other than these several other reasons are also there for the malfunctioning of the liver. The major ones I have mentioned here are.

Benefits Of Healthy Lungs 

Our body is one of the most efficient machines in this world. This is something which I can tell you. One of the most important parts of that machinery is the pair of lungs which is one of the most fascinating parts.

Let me tell you something, you breathe approx 12 to 15 times per minute. If you calculate this data, you may breathe around 6 million times yearly. One of the most blessed ones is those who have healthy lungs in their chest. Let me tell you some of the significant benefits of having healthy lungs:

Helps in speaking clearly: we cannot speak if the air was not allowed move forcefully through our vocal cords. These airwaves helps in the vibration of vocal cords which ultimately help us in speaking. In this process, the lungs with throat, voice box, tongue, and lips together help in communicating.

Holding the breath: without your lungs, you won’t be able to speak. This is something we all are aware of. But even without lungs, we cannot be able to hold our breath, and then participating in sports activities like swimming and diving would become impossible.

Distribution of oxygen: lungs play one of the major roles in converting deoxygenated blood into oxygenated one and hence also playing role in the supply of oxygen to all the cells.

Final Thought

The liver comes among one of the organ which never fascinated us with its properties. one of its such properties is the regeneration of tissue. about 75% of the liver can regenerate itself after a certain amount of toxicity level. It is the only organ that has several important functions to perform.

Other than performing important functions it also acts as the most important gland and the largest one. It also plays a very vital role in digestion and the breakdown of fats. Now coming to the health of the liver than it is very important to pay little attention to the liver also. You must avoid taking excess amounts of alcohol and junk food and oily foods too.

Due to more cholesterol and fats in the blood, there is a risk of several diseases in the blood which may result in you engulfing pills for the duration of your liver problems. Taking more alcohol is also very injurious to the body as I have discussed earlier.

The liver is a complicated as well as a very important organ. After brain and heart, this is the next one. Several important functions take place by the liver some of which are:

  • Albumin production
  • Bile production
  • Filtration of blood
  • Helps in resisting the infection
  • Processes the glucose
  • Storehouse for vitamins and minerals.
  • Regulates the clotting of blood.

A lot more can be added to this list. this will help you to understand the importance of your liver health and how crucial it is for the liver to function properly.