5 Activities to Keep You Busy in Ottawa This Fall

As the capital of Canada, Ottawa gains from hosting the vast majority of the country’s artifact collections. The Canadian War Museum is located on Lebreton Flats, the Canadian Museum of Nature is housed in the recently renovated Victoria and Albert building, and the Canada Science and Technology Museum was only recently rebuilt. In addition, Ottawa has the Diefenbunker, a piece of cold war history that has been kept in its original form, and the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum.

If you’re used to paying a lot for housing in Vancouver or Toronto, Ottawa homes for sale will result in reduced housing costs. You might not have the same experience if you’re moving from a small town or a rural location, though. Even while rent and housing costs increase the closer you are to the city center, you may still get a better home here for less money than in many other Canadian major cities.

One of the best sites in Canada to see the fall foliage is Ottawa. There are many locations to visit in Ottawa that are unique to the changing of the seasons, making fall a great time to explore the capital city. Check out the following for 5 things to do in Ottawa this fall.

1. Beer Tour

A nice activity to do in Ottawa is to reserve a spot on a beer tour to see the local breweries. The city boasts a vibrant microbrew culture. The excursions are excellent, amusing, and educational, plus you get to sample a lot of beer while on the journey. As you move from brewpub to brewpub, they will provide you with eco-friendly water bottles and pretzels to keep you hydrated. 

2. Pumpkins

During Pumpkinferno, which takes place in stroller-friendly Upper Canada Village after sundown, be amazed at the 7,000 carved, glowing pumpkins arranged in breathtaking displays of animals, legendary figures, heroes from stories, and more.

The magnificent works of art are dispersed over a one-kilometer trail at this charming living history site from the 1860s, which is roughly an hour’s drive south of downtown Ottawa. Those with physical disabilities are allowed to drive through the site during special accessibility nights.

3. Halloween Haunt

Numerous pumpkin patches in the Ottawa area provide Halloween-related activities. While some are only mildly dreadful, others will completely immerse you in a terrifying action. During the day, you may take the kids to Saunders Farm where they can engage in activities like jumping on jumping pillows, exploring the corn maze, or riding a wagon (your choice of scary or not).

Cannamore Orchards has haunted attractions as well, with a weekend emphasis on family enjoyment (the ghosts are not as large!). You might also go to Proulx Farms for their annual PumpkinFest to enjoy the mazes, slides, animal encounters, building-related activities, and more. It’s among the top October activities in Ottawa.

4. Pick Apples

Make time this fall for a family vacation to gather apples in the countryside. You’ll probably have other family activities to choose from, such as a guided orchard tour, farmer’s market, or a horse-drawn wagon trip through the orchard, since most orchards offer more than simply apple picking. Don’t forget to carry some of those delectable apple treats home for later use, such as apple pies, apple jam, apple jelly, and apple cider.

5. Hike

When autumn arrives in our area, the air becomes crisp and cool, and the vibrant leaves transform the paths and woodlands into stunning autumnal wonderlands. Explore some of the hiking trails and routes in your neighborhood with the kids. Let them explore, taking in the season’s beauty in both the great and small things. What about a scavenger hunt with a fall theme or a game of tag amid the leaves?