5 Tips To Keep Your Dishwasher Clean

A lot of people ask for advice on the best way to maintain their kitchen appliances to get the best out of them. The best advice is this – always keep them clean!

The maintenance of your dishwasher is key, just like other machines, lawn mowers, and cars. If you don’t take care of it, you end up with a damaged dishwasher in a short time.

Your dishwasher needs to be clean for you to get it to work at its best. Constantly cleaning a dishwasher will improve its lifespan. You spend less time trying to scrub off dirty dishes too.

Read and learn how to stop the dishwasher from smelling after using it.

How to Keep My Dishwasher Clean?

Follow the tips below to get your dishwasher always clean for better performance:

1. Use Soft Water

The water you use when cleaning a dishwasher is important. Your appliance can be exposed to some issues if you use hard water. Hard water may damage the pipes, hoses, including other channels attached to the dishwasher. This type of water may drop debris and grimes on things it passes through.

Do you often observe some cloudy minerals on dishes after washing them? That’s the effect of using hard water. You would want to use a water softener to make things easier.

2. Only Put Appropriate Things In It

Don’t just throw anything in your dishwasher; even though most dishwashers can handle almost anything.

Please resist the urge to put things such as copper cookware, wooden utensils, fine China, or cast iron in your dishwasher. Jets can damage materials like this. Same as hot water. They can break off into pieces which may cause clogs to form in the filter.

3. Always Keep the Seals Clean

You don’t want to develop icky. Dark and damp areas attract ickiness. As a matter of fact, make sure the door of the dishwasher is cleaned often. If care is not taken, there can be gross close to the rubber on the door’s gasket. Always wipe this area clean after using the dishwasher. This would prevent any bad build-up.

4. A Monthly Special Bath Is Essential

For you to keep your dishwasher in good health, a special monthly bath is important. At least once a month, wash it with vinegar. Vinegar is a great cleaning supplement because it works. So, simply empty the dishwasher, then run a cup of vinegar on it. This cleans up all build-ups, including food particles. What you get in return is a better-looking dishwasher!

5. Check The Dishwasher Trap

Many users of this kitchen appliance neglect this area. The trap must be in good condition. It is often located under the lower sprayer of dishwashers. Examine debris and clean them all. It’s removable so rinse it and replace it. Always keep an eye on the trap of your dishwasher.


If you want your dishwasher to be perfectly clean for optimal performance, always follow the tips above. Finally, a clean dishwasher would also last longer.