5 Awesome Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Is having a dog at home a fulfilling experience? Yes, for many owners who have been living with the dogs for many years. It’s true as this is the reason why 63.4 million households in America own at least a dog. But for others, it can differ.

Some people categorise them just like any other pet, but once they have adopted one, they soon realize the importance of dogs in the entire family. The best part with the dogs is they soon become part of the family, and their love for the family members is unconditional. The dog owners should provide them with the best food, health facilities, food, etc.

Let’s know about few tips for keeping your dog healthy:

1. Diet

Like any other family member, the Dog needs vitamins and nutrients to be happy and healthy. Providing a healthy diet regularly allows them to formulate a shiny coat on their hairs. His bright eyes will reflect that he is on a good diet and improving his immunity power, bone health, mental acuity, muscle health, etc.

The Dog’s health, weight, age, and activity level depends upon what they eat. Always buy out Dog’s food from pet stores online and in-store like Fancy Feast who adheres to the quality standards and ensures that the food offered is balanced in nutrients.

2. Vaccination Schedule

Vaccines are one of the best ways to protect the Dog’s health from highly contagious illnesses like rabies, distemper, and parvo, which can be fatal at times. The shots and schedule may vary and will be based on his health issues faced by the Dog. Location, try to speak to the vet about their earliest availability.

Most puppies are asked to have the first short set in six weeks, followed by three weeks, until they are more than a year old. Once they become adults, they can be taken to the nearest vet hospital and revaccinated in an interval of one to three years.

3. Regularly brush your Dog’s teeth

To help him in living clean, brushing his teeth every day is a must. Regular brushing will keep them healthy, which will allow them to remain in action, and they are not uncomfortable, scared, or fussy about when you do it.

Regular brushing allows him to keep fresh breath and prepares his mouth for any gum disease and liver or heart problems. For advice, a vet can be reached out to know the best toothbrush and toothpaste. Keep a close watch on any signs of dental diseases like bad breath, bleeding, or discolored teeth. On routine visits to the vet, keep a tight check on the Dog’s oral health.

4. Exercise

Never feed your puppy more than his capacity. In many places, the dogs are overweight, and it is taken as a symbol of the care and love he is receiving at home.

However, exercise is essential for dogs to maintain their healthy weight and synchronize their mental and physical energy. It helps them control their bad habits like chewing, digging, and barking as they will be indulging in physical work and will not be bored. They can be taken for playing fetch, swimming, walking, or hiking as per the availability.

Maintaining an exercise routine is required to keep the pet in shape and stimulate blood circulation and flow. Allow him to run around and play with his toys to prevent boredom.

5. Keep your Dog unaffected in extreme temperatures

When the weather turns to its extreme, the dogs, just like humans, need to stay comfortable and safe. In summers, keep your Dog in grass or shade to keep his paws away from the hot pavement. Ensure that they consume enough water throughout the day and have quick access to shade. The sunscreen can also be bought if the Dog doesn’t have a lot of fur or bald patches. Please speak to your vet about it and drive.

Never leave the Dog in the car, especially in warmer months. The vehicle’s temperature can rise in 10 minutes, and if they are trapped inside, it can be life-threatening to them. Watch your step before you leave them at any place or vehicle.

In the winter season, protect your Dog in lower temperatures and keep him indoors. While going out, allow him to wear a sweater to keep him warm. Clean them regularly for spills, don’t allow them to eat snow, and keep wiping their paws while entering.