What Are The Top Keyword Ranking Factors In SEO?

Search engine operations can never be predicted, but there are a lot of ways by which you can boost your websites for appearing in the search results. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is known to optimize the website for ranking high in the search results.

While talking about the search results, the organic search results are always considered as they are an unpaid way of marketing. It is quite different from PPC or Pay-per-click advertising which is best known for focusing on paid traffic only.

Both organic and paid rankings on Google can be determined with the help of algorithms taking into account the various metrics and characteristics considered important by Google. Ranking factors are very important in determining the strategies for the online platforms and SEO for the site. Let’s discuss some of the top keyword ranking factors in SEO:


Search engines are using mobile-first indexing while crawling the websites. It means that search engines here predominantly check the mobile version of the website for evaluating any web page. If your desktop version is fine and flawless, the search engine ranking can take a huge hit if the mobile version is not optimized. Try to preview the web pages to ensure that they are accessible easily across various devices, including desktops.

Many content management systems also have built-in features to look at the content and page in helping you score big before hitting the publish button. Users can also try free tools to have a look at the insights and rectify the issues.

Page and Site Speed:

No one likes the website that takes forever to start loading. If your website is taking a lot of time in loading, you have a high bounce rate, and it can hit your ranking on search engines in big ways. Users always expect a smooth browsing experience, which is why speed plays an important role in ranking. Companies like Studiohawk, can help you in knowing about your site speed and various other factors affecting your website ranking.

Many free and paid tools are available in the market for testing the website tools. They are a must for providing valuable insights about the website promoting easy optimizations.

Keyword Targeting:

The keywords are the center of forming an effective strategy for online marketing. Keyword search is very critical and needs to be performed while creating content for the site. Keyword research also allows you to understand your audience and create content that can address search queries directly. Undoubtedly, keyword research is an important way to drive traffic to the site.

User Engagement:

The search engines look at users to help in determining the pages they can promote in the search rankings. They look forward to interacting with users to determine which pages are best and useful for searchers. User engagement also includes few factors; let’s have a look at them:

Time spent on Site: Search engines consider the time spent by the users on the page after finding it.

CTR or Click-through Rate: It refers to the percentage of users clicking on the search engine results on presenting to them.

Bounce Rate: It refers to the people who quickly leave the page of the site they have found via search.

The metrics stated above allow the search engine to know if the search results are valuable. This is the reason why both the search snippets and site content are optimized for boosting user engagement.


It is an important signal for conveying to the search engines that the website is authoritative and credible. The quality and number of links pointing to sites determine the off-page SEO factors that significantly impact search rankings. The backlinks are an important SEO ranking factor.

If you want your site to rank higher, you need to plan to build quality backlinks for the site through various practices like digital PR, link acquisition, guest posting, etc.

The above-stated keyword ranking factors for the Search engine optimization. If implemented well, they can help rank higher for the websites and drive traffic to the platforms. Do keep a check of the site and know about the various factors that are effective for your site ranking.