Kitchen Tile Trends For Backsplash Usage

Renovating your kitchen? Looking for the perfect way to express your personal style in the kitchen – your sacred space where you feel the most yourself and get a moment to commune with yourself? What are you waiting for – Christmas?

With the plethora of choices of glass tile backsplash and kitchen tile backsplash available to you, if you are confused about the right trend to follow, here’s us bringing in our big guns to help you through it all.

Bold Backsplash Tiles & Flooring Idea

Today, the idea of using a tile that only gives you a flat image or design is far gone. The world is now giving way to amazing-looking kitchen tiles for a backsplash that provides both texture, color, pattern and makes it a complex looking ethereal image.

You could have multiple focal points in your tiles and make your backs pleasures reach up to the ceilings of kitchen walls giving them the much-needed accent that is often only used in cooking areas. You could also install vertical tiles and give it an exciting change from the classic horizontal application technique.

Tactile Touch for Textured Tiles

When you go for the farmhouse kitchen vibe, you could end up using the charming would countertop along with open shelving spaces to make the place look put together; however, what completes the look is a ceramic tile display that has a vintage look to it.

You could choose square shaped subway tile to create this look or opt for handcrafted zellige tiles that give all interiors a designer look. You could take the backsplash even below the wood shelf to give a more textual aesthetic look, as well as pair it with any matching white floor tiles to achieve the rustic farmhouse trend.

Using large scale tiles to create a big impact

When choosing kitchen tile backsplash, ensure that one way to go about choosing the right tile is by opting for a geometrical kitchen tile that emotes the modern and contemporary style. This trend will transcend and be popular even after 2021.

Hexagon tile shapes are going to be hugely popular, which will keep the entire look consistent and look like you have put much thought into perfecting your kitchen tile backsplash. A domineering white and grey shade of geometric tiles will stand the test of time.

Choose Floral Tiles in Both Small & Big Size

2021 is going to see an influx of designers that opt for botanical, flora, and fauna designs for interior decoration. It is anticipated that nature-derived motifs will be a big hit for kitchen backsplash. We owe this development to the coronavirus pandemic and more people wanting to see flora and fauna within the vicinity and security of their homes. They prefer the fresh look of the wildflowers.

These are some of the trends that one could follow in the year 2021 when considering getting a new kitchen tile backsplash for your kitchen space.