Kitchen Updates Today: Trends to Incorporate into Your Project Now

When you are leaping into your kitchen renovation project, it can be beneficial to look at what is hot and trendy. There are tons of minor updates that you can do to develop the room you are picturing. From materials to colors to designs, there are many exciting things to consider when upgrading your space.

Here are some of today’s trending kitchen remodeling ideas – see which you like and jump into your project today.

Stainless Steel Appliances are Ubiquitous

Stainless steel had decreased in popularity in the past few years but is back on the upsurge again. The versatility of stainless steel attracts people’s attention, as it can pair well with brighter kitchen color combinations and can add an accent to darker hues.

Especially in modern kitchens, stainless steel appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers can enhance and develop a sleek, stylish look and feel.

Natural Wood or Synthetic Wood Floors? Both Winners!

The attractiveness of wood flooring in your kitchen is vital, as it has been for years in the kitchen design universe. Wood flooring is durable and works well with both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Today, the various synthetic wood flooring materials on the market look and feel very much like natural wood, and this diversity of flooring enriches many different kitchen designs and layouts.

You Can Remove Upper Cabinets to Enhance the Space

Cabinets are an essential piece of the kitchen remodeling goal, as they are often the center of attention in the kitchen. Whether you go with something like Shaker cabinets or RTA cabinets, these items matter. However, the absence of cabinetry can have a powerful effect on the space, as well.

Many renovators choose a more minimalist approach to their kitchen design with a push towards open shelving and fewer upper cabinets. With more of a bzlank canvas to work with, you can incorporate many forms of artwork, display collectibles or other essential items, or let it be and let the rest of the cabinetry be the core of your kitchen.

White Kitchens Remain the Top Dog

White kitchens are still top of the pack in popularity, with accents, backsplashes, and especially cabinets as focus areas for kitchen designers. White cabinetry can supply optimal flexibility and neutrality while supplying a fresh feel for any kitchen layout.

Almost any kitchen design, such as cottage, farmhouse, transitional, and more modern versions (even industrial kitchens), can work great with a white background.

Eco-Conscious Lighting Is Trending

As the world moves towards more environmentally responsive approaches and sustainable resources, lighting is stepping in line, too. LED lights, significantly, are increasing in popularity by the day, jumping up the list in trendy lighting. These bulbs are more efficient and last longer than standard bulbs, which is outstanding news for the environment and your kitchen.

Subway Tile Backsplashes Are Easy and Fun

Subway tiles are swelling in status. They are versatile and can work exceptionally well with any kitchen upgrade concept. Backsplashes are a unique opportunity for you to infuse your creative touch, and you can arrange them however you want while customizing the precise style you are trying to achieve.

As a DIY project, installing these tiles is not too time-consuming, and you can complete the project with a reasonable price tag.

Kitchen Islands are Much Larger Today

Kitchen islands are a staple more and more in contemporary kitchens, as ample seating is now a requirement in many kitchens. These are socializing places where friends and family can sit or stand around and congregate in the kitchen. The result is a much larger island than ever before.

Whether you match cabinets in the island with the surrounding ones or put contrasting ones in the island, you can use this method to boost your update. Besides the impact of the color contrasts, these larger kitchen islands increase storage space and provide an aesthetic enhancement to the room.

Blue Cabinets Are Hot

In cabinets, color trends seemingly change day by day. Blue is increasing in popularity today, as it possesses enough neutrality and versatility that you can pair other color schemes with it. No matter the shade of blue, you can find appliances and counters to work with them. Whether you go with an inky shade of blue or a nautical navy blue, there are many ways to work these cabinets into any color scheme.

No matter which kitchen remodeling trends you go along with, make sure you buy only the best kitchen components. Quality is foremost, especially in essential items like cabinets, but also with any other kitchen components. Click here to start shopping for quality cabinetry now.