Everything You Need to Know About Snap-on Smile

Snap-on Smile is a cosmetic dental accessory used over the front teeth and the bottom teeth to change their appearance. These accessories are used to temporarily change the teeth, so when removed, you’ll have the same natural appearance.

Snap-on Smile is mostly used by people who have discoloured or broken teeth. People who have protruding teeth cannot use the Snap-On smile because they can’t fit.

Most people go for snap on a smile because they can’t afford to have dental implants.

How Do You Put on the Snap-on Smile?

Just as the name suggests, putting on these accessories pretty much easy. All you’ve got to do is read the instructions carefully and then snap on or off your veneers.

When you put them on, you’ll experience a bit discomfort when talking because you’ve just put something unusual on your teeth. You won’t feel that way forever. The problem will go away as you slowly get used to the accessories.

How Do You Clean Snap-on Smile?

After purchasing your snap on smile accessories, you’ll be given a special solution you’ll use to clean your Snap-On Smile. If this solution runs out, you’ll be required to buy a refill. Some people use regular toothpaste to care for these accessories.

Is It Possible for You to Eat or Drink with a Snap-on Smile?

You can eat and chew with the accessory on. You have to keep sticky foods because it will be hard to clean your Snap-on Smile. Beverages like coffee can also leave stains on them with time. The cleaning solution can work perfectly in removing the stains.

How Long Can Snap-on Smile Last?

They can last from 2-5 years, depending on how you take good care of them; it doesn’t matter whether you wear them daily or occasionally.

What is the Procedure of Getting Snap-on Smile?

You have to visit your dentist for you to get a perfect fitting Snap-on Smile. They’re a bunch of them being sold online, but getting one of those might be a waste of money because they might not fit you. When you visit your dentist, he/she will examine your teeth to see if you need Snap-on Smile.

An impression of your arc will be taken to the studio where yours will be made. It takes about three weeks for the process to be complete, so on your next visit, the dentist will try the Snap-On smile on you and make adjustments where needed.

What are the Advantages of a Snap-on Smile?

There are so many benefits of Snap-on Smile. The right candidates enjoy the treatment benefits of these accessories like:

• Affordable

Snap-on Smile seems to have the most affordable price compared to other cosmetic procedures. However, the fees vary depending on if you want a full or partial arch. The partial arch, of course, cost less compared to the full arch.

• Instant Results

Snap-on Smile gives you the desired results immediately you put it on. This sounds dramatic, but it’s better than orthodontic treatment, which can take a long time to achieve the desired results.

• Non-Invasive

Snap-on Smile does not compromise the enamel than other treatments like Porcelain veneers, where the enamel has to be removed. Snap-on Smile is simply worn over the teeth; therefore, the teeth structure remains intact.

• No Anesthesia

Unlike many dental procedures, you don’t have to go through the scary process of needles, incisions, or drilling to put them on.

• Fast and Durable

This treatment is the fastest because it takes just two appointments, and you’re done with it. Snap-on Smile is also durable.

Disadvantages of Snap-on Smile

There are a few disadvantages of Snap-on Smile. These are:

• Replacement

The Snap-on Smile only lasts between two to five years. If you want to use the accessories in your lifetime, you’ll have to prepare to replace them after some time.

• No Gaps Between the Teeth

Snap-on Smile is made from solid resin, and it doesn’t have any gaps between the teeth like on the natural teeth. It’s easy for someone to tell if you have the Snap-On smile if they look at you closely.

• Bulky

The teeth might appear bulky, especially if you have large teeth. This happens because the accessory is fitted on top of your natural teeth.

• Not Covered by Insurance

Most insurance policies in Canada do not cover this treatment. There are other financing options that some dental clinics might use.

Snap-on Smile is a good alternative for those who cannot afford to have cosmetic dentistry treatments. These accessories have helped many people restore their smiles and get their confidence back. Before getting yourself the Snap-on Smile, ensure that you talk to your dentist about it. Don’t buy them online. Visit your dentist to get your customized Snap-on Smile.