Laminate and Metal Lockers: Which Material Fits Better for Industrial Purposes

Laminated lockers are often seen as metal locker alternatives. They are used in the same place metal lockers can be used, and are considered more advanced, sleek, and beautiful. But as per the durability, metal lockers still beat it.

You can find it in places like golf clubs, educational facilities, or spas most people consider it luxury compared to metal lockers what are often rigid in appearance, and rugged in performance – it is pertinent to say that laminate lockers are more elegant than metal lockers, but as for the life span, metal lockers are way better.

The body of a laminate locker is made of metal: 18-gauge steel that gives users that perfect platform for a sturdy locker. With all the beautification that is adorned in a laminate locker, it is not advisable to be used in some industries like construction, manufacturing, etc.; it is just too sleek to withstand such places, hence, the need for metal lockers in those areas.

The thickness of a laminate door is measured at ¾”, and it comes in different designs and colors. For these reasons, laminate lockers can be customized to assume any size and form. There are many choices, styles one can choose from, e.g. 2, 3, 4, or 5 tier locker configurations. There can be more if you request it.

The point is, not like the laminate locker is not completely recommended for industrial use, but if you must, it should be in the administrative section. Again, most of the locks on laminate lockers are relatively electronic.

Metal Lockers

Metal lockers are considered the most durable, affordable, and convenient of all the lockers. Compared to a laminate locker, it is far better; it can withstand tougher pressure than its counterparts.

While laminate lockers are produced with multiple materials including metals, metal lockers come with more homogenous materials. Like laminate lockers, metal lockers can still be used for industrial purposes, but unlike it, metal lockers can be used in both office space and manufacturing space and yet still maintains their original quality.

Some people may argue that metal lockers lack sleekness and beauty, but the thing is, the more rigid it is, the more durable it can become. Again, like the laminate lockers, you can as well choose to customize your locker to any size and shape. You can also choose to add all the beautifying features you wish; all you need to do is to talk to your manufacturer.

But there have been situations where some users will prefer to go a bit creative by using the combination of metal, and plastic laminate in the construction of lockers. The door of such lockers is made of graffiti surface which can be easily cleaned and maintained. So, as you make your choice of which better locker material, know that there are other options of materials out there to choose from.

Some Recommended Metal Lockers that Outperform the Laminate Locker

1. Standard Metal Locker

This locker is made of steel, and is available in 18″, 15″, and 12″ respectively. It comes in a single and wide tier, triple Tier, Double Tier, Four, and Box Style segmentation patterns. Such lockers can be found in gym centers, basketball courts, football dressing rooms, etc. It is not advisable to use the laminate lockers here because those places are usually known for their rough nature.

2. Vented Metal Locker

This is a vented type of locker, they are purposely designed for safe-keeping those that need air. But not everybody is interested in knowing what is used for, so far as they fit the purpose of storing important personal effects. Normally, they come in sizes like 15″, 12″, and 24″ vented gear lockers and wide Vented lockers.

3. See-Through Metal Locker

This type of Laminate lockers alternative comes with a 16-gauge steel, and polycarbonate door panel. The original size comes in 15″, and 12″ wide. It is also seen in double, triple, box design, and single-tier styles. The debts can be measured in 18″, 15″, or 12″. The mainstream colors are usually blue, gray, and tan.


We will always choose metal lockers over laminate lockers anytime. This is because the kind of durability that metal lockers come with can hardly be found in laminate lockers because of the multiple materials used in the production. While on the side of the metal lockers, you can also choose to modify it to have an aesthetic appearance as the laminate while still maintaining its rough nature.