How Law Firms Adapt to Online Marketing

Marketing is important to any business because it is strong grounds for communication between businesses and their customers, by educating the clients and easily interacting with them. It is one of the foundations of consumers’ awareness of the product/service provided and sales growth. This is the time of the year when business-people, corporate executives and marketers reassess their enterprises on a number of levels.

The market has changed and businesses need to rely on data, analysis, and expertise for guidance into the future in this dynamic transition. Nothing resonates with this notion as law firms forced to adapt to the newly found age of marketing. 

As the platform businesses use to market their services become more digitized, individual business’s marketing scopes must try to keep up. Marketing scope refers to the ability to deliver a particular message to as many potential customers as possible. The methods that are used to convey the message also dictate the complexity and effectiveness of the messaging. That’s the beauty of an online-based marketing approach, it caters to all budgets and preferences.

So here are the most basic things law firms need to understand to effectively modernize their marketing strategies.

SEO and Google Advertising

This is probably the most ingenious way you could market your business online. The idea behind picking a suitable medium for advertising is to find one that has both integrity and maximum reach. While the Internet, in general, provides these two aspects of a good platform for marketing, Google advertising is pivotal towards reaching the desired online image.

There are few adversaries to Google when it comes to frequently used applications/websites. The fact that it is such a household name, makes appearing in the ad section as a result of a search on Google relevant to your line of work, is one of the best ways to show your customers how professional you are. Law firms know that new age advertising lies in the strength of traffic to their website.

This is the main reason behind attorneys trying to advertise using ppc (Pay per Click campaigns). Third-party companies that are authorized by Google to manage their ad section will have your website come up as one of the top recommendations for potential clients for a limited number of clicks.

Social Media Marketing

Regardless of the size of your operation, social media must be a key part of your corporate marketing tactic. Social platforms help you to be in sync with your customers; increases brand awareness and boost profits and customer acquisition. The effectiveness of social media marketing is definitely not a passing phenomenon. With more than 3 billion people worldwide using social media every month, it is clear to all that this marketing approach is here to stay.

In order to survive this updated view of marketing in the market, your business needs to use sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to attract more clients, and maintain existing ones. You don’t need to learn any technical jargon or have a substantial number of followers. 

Content Marketing

Most law firms claim that they’ve done all their online promotion just by posting articles on their website. Nevertheless, content marketing is more than just the writing of posts on the websites. Content marketing is simply defined as the tactical marketing strategy for acquiring clients by the posting of powerful, relevant pieces of content. In comparison with the normal means of advertising, content marketing aims for communicating without selling to your potential customers.

It provides the customer valid information regarding how to interact with law firms generally, without directly promoting the business. This indirectly leads to customers trusting your business. You should place yourself as a legal expert if you want people to have confidence in you as a legal advisor.


It is difficult to determine whether to do your own online marketing or hiring a professional third party company. Especially when there might be enormous financial implications. However, deciding between hiring a staff of internal marketers versus contracting a marketing agency is not just a matter of cost reduction, but optimal performance.

An external organization does not just provide ad space. If you employ a marketing agency, you gain exposure to specialized content creators, experts in search engine optimization, social media specialists, illustrators, and web design programmers; all for the price of an in-house marketing team. 

The way law firms sell their expertise and communicate has experienced a fundamental shift in recent years. In the past, law firms used to get clients and networks through references and word of mouth. Nevertheless, the best companies now hold themselves up as masters in personalized law, with insightful material. Publishing valuable and engaging content that leads to more business is not straightforward. It should be integrated with various other forms of online marketing as mentioned.