Buying Leash and Collar for Your Pet?

Have you got a pet? The first things you need are its leash and collar. When it comes to buying products for their pets, people do not pay much attention to this. It is very important to know which leash or collar will be best for your pet.

If you are going to buy a leash for your pet, you must go through these articles. You few minutes of reading can result comfortable for your pet. Below are some major points one must know when buying a pet leash.

Leash handle:

The very first thing you should see in the leash is its holding handle. The handle should be tightly fixed that does not open up with a jerk. When walking your pet, you need a stronghold over your dog to prevent a fight with other dogs.

Traditional leash or Retractable Leas:

In today’s world, you can get a retractable leash that can open up to several metres. It gives your pet freedom of playing as well as its control. Retractable leashes are best when walking your dog. Traditional leashes come up in different varieties. These leashes are made of leather, synthetic fibres or rope stuff.

It is also very important to buy a leash that has got a small hook up on the end, so it can attach to most collars. If your dog has got a biting habit, you must get a nylon leash that is very hard to break. It is very common where pets tear off their leashes.

If you are buying more than one leash you should get a wholesale pet leash.

Just like a leash, you should also need to know some tips for buying a collar. Following are something you should when buying a collar for your dog.


The most important thing is the size of the pet’s neck when buying a dog collar. You can measure the dog neck with measuring tape. Measure the neck size and add up extra 2 inches to it. For example, if your dog’s neck size is 5 inches, you should buy a 7 inches collar. Measure the neck size twice.


There are different types of collars made up of different materials. You will find leather, nylon and clothe pet collars. Check the length and width of the collar strap; make sure that you buy the collar according to the size of your pet. If your pet feels uncomfortable with the collar even after some time, you should change its collar. It should not be a problem for you to spend some bucks on your pet.


If you are training your pet, or your pet is becoming aggressive, E-collars are the best idea here. Many people assume it as inhumane but a noticeable difference in result can be seen just after few uses. It is used by many professional pet trainers due to its productivity. If you walk your dog in the evening, you can also get LED collars. These collars can be charged and you can find your dog from a distance.